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BLOG: The Latest Beauty Trend

The latest beauty trend can't be found at any cosmetic counter. Semi-permanent makeup has so far crept under the radar, but it's continuing to make a huge mark in the beauty industry. Athena Karsant, internationally renowned paramedical and cosmetic tattoologist, dishes about this growing movement.

"Clients, both men and women, are looking for a natural enhancement that doesn't leave them looking tattooed," Athena says. Semi-permanent makeup is the process of tattooing natural pigments just below the top layer of skin. Artist's like Athena can enhance brows, lips, and eyeliner with her special technique and artistry . The process takes roughly two hours and simply needs a touch up from time to time to maintain their beauty. "It's great for clients who want to work-out during lunch but don't want the extra hassle of having to reapply their makeup. Brides can cry without fear of messy eyeliner streaks. It's subtle enough for men, yet makes enough of an impact to allow women to skip their daily makeup routine."

People are not just flocking to Athena for permanent makeup, Athena also uses some of the same techniques to treat scars and burns and is able to mask scars without surgery. "I have had clients who were victims of trauma fly in from Paris to have burns covered. The results were stunning and their confidence was restored."

Typical treatments range in price and all include touch ups for a year. Athena recommends shopping around, looking at the artists portfolio before making a commitment and says you should never be afraid of asking questions. "It's an art, you don't want to end up with thick arches that don't compliment your face or lip liner that doesn't look naturally beautiful. Always look for quality over price. It's your face - aim for the best!"




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