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Many men and women have experienced a condition called alopecia, where they lose the hair on their body. Athena has been able to successfully create eyebrows and simulate individual eyelashes to camouflage the effects of alopecia.

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Justin A.

Athena is great at what she does, and sweet as can be... I lost my brows and lashes due to alopecia, but have them back thanks to this amazing woman! I would recommend her to anyone that wants permanent makeup or scar minimization. She loves her work and her clients as well.


Matt K.
An autoimmune disease called alopecia areata took away all my hair, including my eyebrows.  It was traumatizing for me. The eyebrows define our face and help to show our expression.  I was devastated to have lost mine.  Athena gave them back to me.  I tried other, less expensive, semi-permanent tattoo options and in my attempt to save money, I made some mistakes with bad eyebrows.  Athena was honest with me and told me what I needed, which isn't exactly what I thought I should have.  She was right! Athena makes you feel welcome and important.  Her customer service is top notch.  She takes an interest in your situation.  If you sign a contract with Athena she will see you as often as you like during the term of that contract. She will make minor adjustments whenever you want and doesn't make you feel bad for coming in often. Unlike other semi-permamant tattoo places, you don't leave Athena's office looking like a monster.  You don't have to hide for a week until the coloring is right.  You can go out that same day and look good.  She is expensive, but she is the best and what she does!

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