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In a very unregulated industry with technicians who can make unsupported claims, we wanted to share with you testimonies from real people, with real stories and real experiences. There are thousands of cosmetic tattooists in the industry, and they all have positive reviews on their websites. However, if you look at most sites, you will see only a handful of written testimonies. Athena's work is considered by many to be the best in the industry, and we believe that our pages and pages of reviews justifies that claim. We have not seen anyone else in the cosmetic tattooing industry who comes even close to the number of positive reviews that Athena has. We hope that these testimonies by our clients help you to rest assured that Athena will take care of you and give you the best possible procedure.

Tanya Tucker (country singer)

You too can fool Mother Nature! Call Athena!


Tanya is an American Country Music Legend, who has received nine Grammy nominations. For more information about Tanya go to


Ashlee Wilson Hawn (reality star)

I live in Atlanta, Georgia, and fly to Beverly Hills to see Athena. I did a lot of research online to find someone who could fix a scar on my leg from a childhood accident. I must have looked at a dozen websites for before and after photos, client testimonials, doctor endorsements, credentials and more to make my decision. I chose Athena Karsant because her website, portfolio and doctor endorsements exceeded my every expectation. When I initially spoke to her on the phone, she asked why I didn't choose to see someone closer to home and I told her, "There are no Athena's in Atlanta." I am thrilled with the work that she has done on my scar, and I couldn't be happier with my decision to fly across the country to see her. When it comes to beauty treatments and services, I only choose the best!


Ashlee is a former Miss Georgia Teen and is currently the star of the Style Network show Big Rich Atlanta. For more information about Ashlee go to


Cynthia Harmon (actress/model)

You can't go wrong with Athena! Her knowledge and artistry are head and shoulders above the rest! I'll recommend her to anyone for any procedure!


Cynthia is a model, entrepreneur and actress from movies like The Wolf of Wall Street, The Hangover III, or the TV show Desperate Housewives. 


Barbara B.

Great natural look, just trust her to take care of your look. Have been doing that for about ten years. No complaints and always come out looking great. Do what she suggests.


Niki O.

Athena is wonderful as a person and great at what she does. She is kind, pleasant and tenacious, and will not quit until she gets the best results that she can possibly achieve! She helped me cover a multi-color tattoo, which included very difficult blue and turqoise shades, and with her help, the tattoo is now barely visible.


Melanie R.

I have been drawing my eyebrows on since I was 14 and I'm now 31!!!!! One day I decided to do the math and see how much time I would spend doing my eyebrows in my lifetime.... well, the answer was more than 7 months!!!! Sometimes it would take 10 minutes and other times it would take hours!!!! So I finally decided that it was time to get my eyebrows tattooed on. I am a perfectionist and I knew that the person that would tattoo my eyebrows on was going to have to be BEYONG EXCELLENT!!! I have visited SEVERAL websites, looked at SEVERAL pictures and spoke and met with many tattoo artists. I decided that it was time to do another web search yesterday and I came across Athena's website and I was IMPRESSED and AMAZED!!!! With each before and after set of pictures I was more and more impressed!!! I IMMEDIATELY called her and scheduled an appointment. I was extremely excited to meet Athena and see her work in person. I could tell over the phone in just 10 minutes that not only did she have a vast knowledge on permanent make-up; she really cared about her clients and Athena wants them to be completely satisfied when they walk out her door. My first appointment with Athena was exceeded the already. 


I called her back and asked her if I could get my eyebrows tattooed on that day. She said yes and I was thrilled!!! When I came into her salon she had a woman in her chair as she was finishing her eyebrows, he work was impeccable!!! It was even better in person than it was in her picture!!!! I looked at the women's eyebrows and you COULD NOT tell that they were tattooed on!!! They looked so real even when I looked at the woman's brows up close!! Not only were her eyebrows matched her skin tone and hair color perfectly!!!! I was SOLD!!!!! She used a technique that somehow makes the eyebrows tattoo look like individual hairs!!! Athena makes it look like an actual eyebrow (made of hair) as opposed to a penciled in eyebrow!!! I didn't even need to see pics, I wanted my eyebrows tattooed on that day!!! I told Athena I want to get my eyebrows done then; we signed some paperwork and worked with me for at least an hour to find the perfect shape. Athena was incredibly patient; she drew two different eyebrows than we tweaked it for an hour until we found the perfect shape for my face. After we picked the shape she told me that it took 2-5 sessions to actually perfect the eyebrow but I would only be paying a onetime fee which I thought was great!!!! Especially since all the other salons that I spoke with told me that I would have to have several sessions, but I would have to pay for each session as opposed to Athena who only charges you once which covers any kind of tweaks or touchups for a year!!!


She then told me that she would begin the process of tattooing the eyebrow.... well she spent several hours on my eyebrows and they turned out BETTER than I anticpated!!!!! She said that she would still need to touch up my eyebrows a few more times, but let me tell you, I got themdone yesterday then I went out today and did not have to pencil in my brows at all!!! I got SEVERAL complements and it was only day 1!!!!!


I CANNOT stop going on and on about how thrilled I am with Athena personally, her professionalism, he extraordinary artistic talent (and believe me, she is an ARTIST in the truest sense of the word), her attention to detail and my overall experience!!!




Pamela Buttery

I am delighted with my "natural" eyebrows painted by Athena. I came to her Sutter Street office in deperation in early 2013. I had straggly eyebrows growing between the ruins of an 11 year eyebrow tattoo that had always been too thick and too dark. Athena was recommended by a plastic surgeon who said her work was subtle and safe. From the first consult to the last touch up nobody ever knew. Friends would tell me I looked good but never ever guessed it was because I had 'real' eyebrows back and in exactly the right place.


Heidi F.

Athena "needled" some scars for me (to make them disappear) and did permanent makeup on my lips and eyebrows. Athena fixes asymmetries (and errors made by others) and she has an amazing aesthetic instinct for complementary shape and color. I had my eyebrows done by two other people before meeting Athena and I always had to hide out for 2 weeks! With Athena, I am presentable the same night. I feel lucky to have found her.


D H.

10 stars would not be enough for Athena. She combines precision and an unerring sense of what will look the best for you with experience, innovation (she has her numbing cream custom made!) with never ending patience for her often very fussy, very particular clients. In my case a botched eyelid surgery, which required unique eyelid repairs, resulted in really screwed up eyelid tattoos that made one eye look round and the other almond shaped. UGH! Working slowly, adding a little at a time, over six appointments, I now have beautiful and identical eyes thanks to the precision of her thin dark line. 


I could write pages about how talented Athena is, but will try to be concise with the following summary:


1)She has superb technique, and is expert in knowing what colors will work best with a clients skin tone. This is difficult work combining manual dexterity with technical knowledge and an eye for beauty. She is a "pro"!!


2) Don't even think about the cost. This is clearly a situation where you get what you pay for. And you want it right the first time! 


3) She has excellent relationships with physicians/plastic surgeons. I was very pleased with my consultation with Tim Marten, the plastic surgeon to whom she referred me. 


4)Lastly, while small in comparison to Athena's artistry and technical skill, appointments in her open seating office are fun!! Last week,  I met a woman  in Athena's office who has invited me to an event at the Metropolitan club for women interested in playing bridge. Who would've thought! 


Thank you Athena!!!


Shulamit G.

I want to thank you for all you do for me, Athena. I look so wonderful after each visit. I love how well you treat me and how fabulous you keep me looking and feeling.


Marisa L.

My brows are now done and they've never looked this good in my life. She gives you an ENTIRE YEAR of appointments so the color can match perfectly, but it didn't take anywhere near that long!! That's a fact... and offers great skin care advice comparable to any of the high end surgeons in town... cuz she's pretty much in the bizzz with 'em. She'd never tell you to sit out in the sun for 2 hours lol! It's 2014, everyone knows better than that by now. So easy and fun to work with. Money well spent!! Without a doubt!


Jan Van Liew (make-up artist)

Being a Make-Up Artist myself, I'm naturally very picky! I visited Athena's beautiful office in Beverly Hills, where Samantha Kaye did my eyebrows. They are fabulous! Little tiny strokes that look like hairs. She also took into consideration that I am a Red-Head and blended a beautiful shade. Can't wait to have my lips done!


Barbie Mandivil

Thanks Athena! You have changed my life. You are so wonderful! My face is beautiful, thanks to you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! My lips and eyebrows are so wonderful!


Diane Nichols (comedian)

Athena is an artist. I'm allergic to eye makeup, so she gave me some subtle permanent eyeliner. She also does wondrous things with scars and boo boos.


She is an artist. She does both her cosmetic and medical tattooing at a level and concentration of a surgeon.


Justin A.

Athena is great at what she does, and sweet as can be... I lost my brows and lashes due to alopecia, but have them back thanks to this amazing woman! I would recommend her to anyone that wants permanent makeup or scar minimization. She loves her work and her clients as well.


Dr. K.

I'm a medical professional who can now say without a doubt: Athena is the ONLY person I'll allow to work on my face. After getting permanent makeup that didn't last, I got permanent makeup from a tattoo artist who did such a bad job that I didn't know WHAT to do. I mean, it's my FACE, and I have to see patients every day! Then someone referred me to Athena, and I'm forever grateful. Not only is she removing the bad tattoo lines, but she's also redoing and perfecting it. She's the ONLY one I've heard of who can FIX botched permanent makeup. Of course, you're better off going to her in the first place, rather than needing a botched job fixed.She works in a series of sessions, which is the ONLY way to do it RIGHT. She asks what you want, then pencils it in, then deposits the tattoo dye. Then she works with you during each subsequent session to adjust and touch up the previous work, until you have a perfect, lasting result. It's crazy to think one session (from another person) will get you a great, lasting result.She's also a fabulous person. She really does care if you're happy with your results. She calls or texts you to follow up, and she tries SO hard to accommodate you when it comes to scheduling appointments (believe me -- my hours as a medical professional aren't easy to accommodate).Please learn from my experience, and go to her FIRST.


Bobbi G.

Athena is a master at her specialty. I'm a burn survivor and had my eyebrows transplanted years ago. It took me so much time everyday to draw them in and after having Athena work on them they are perfect. I'm so happy...they look fantastic and it save me countless time and aggravation everyday :)


Marisa L.

Athena is without a doubt as good as it gets. We are all so much better off for having her. She's a perfectionist who truly cares and her ability is that of a high quality makeup artist; which means it looks natural and expertly finessed!She really understands the colors that are right for you, how it will react with your body chemistry and the shape of your face. She's an artist and a scientist... A brilliant technician! I'm very hands on and also a perfectionist so it was hard for me to give over the reins, but I find myself not even checking her work sometimes because I know it can't be improved... Athena's gotten Best of Beverly Hills and The Bay 2013. When someone's marking your face for life it has to be just right, and she's gotten it just right... Such a sweetheart and makes your comfort a top priority. She numbs/ices you up and really walks you through the entire process; after care and products as well. She manages such subtle tweaks to every inch of you where needed, it's really quite a masterpiece of color and shadow, and guarantees her work so you can get the touchups perfection requires. The cost works out roughly to be what others charge over the course of time, and the quality is no where near what you're going to get with Athena. She's graced my mornings with priceless efficiency!!...and I feel cute too:) When I think of the confidence she must give to breast cancer survivors, burn victims or anyone working through scarring or pigment issues it's truly moving, because the quality of her work is unsurpassed. This is an investment you will never regret!! Thanks, Athena:)!!


Anita L.

My niece and I both went to Athena for our eyebrows ~ we parked directly across the street ( first two hours free) easy in and out! The office was extremely clean and Athena and her staff were very welcoming and caring. We were seated in very comfortable and ergonomic lounge chairs with the necessary supportive pillows. Athena took time to explain the entire process and we both felt more and more relaxed as time passed. Athena is extremely talented as well as creative, and is truly an extraordinary artist! I never anticipated being this relaxed during a tattooing process but Athena is a very gentle soul but also lots of fun! Looking forward to my next appointment!


Mike U.

Athena is the best, fun in the office and she knows what she's doing! I literally could not be happier about my scar after she took care of me!


Angie J.

The best in the business.


Lily C.

Athena Karsant is the best with no exceptions. I am forever grateful for Athena. Thank you.


Roberta G.

Athena is a miracle's amazing how she helps all the breast cancer survivors. Awesome work.



I give Athena Karsant a five star rating for her compassion, her professionalism, her strive for live and her livelihood as a makeup artist.


Sylvia R.

This letter is to recount our relationship and to tell you how much I trust you, not only ethically and your integrity, but the beauty of your art. On my first visit, I had somehow made a mistake and came to the "wrong" person. This person had quoted me a price of $400, which I mentioned early in our visit. You quite emphatically said, "I would never quote that price! I consistently correct the damage those cheap jobs do!" You went on to tell me those people took the weekend classes you had taught for years. You showed me beautiful shots of your work. It was flawless... I am a divorced woman on a very limited income, but I'm also a retired makeup artist. So I'm most aware of how important one's face is. I've always believed plastic surgery (and this is closely akin to that) is something one should not try to get a "deal" on. "This is my face," I thought to myself. I can spend $ on clothes and only wear them occassionally. My face is always with me. I had no eyebrows and my lips were uneven. I could spend over an hour trying to get my brows on and my lips symmetrical. This is very difficult, even thought I am a makeup artist. Beauty is about symmetry and that is what you have given me. I can put on my makeup now in as little as ten minutes. All I need now is eyeliner and it'll be 5 minutes! I can truly say you have changed my life. You have given me an extra hour a day, eyebrows that don't sweat off, and are symmetrically beautiful. The little blonde hairs give them wonderful detail. My lips are fuller, because you put the line just a tiny bit outside my natural line. They look very natural. If I ever want to change the color, following the line with pencil is a snap. I thank you for your integrity, but mostly for developing your art and making so many of us more confident and perhaps a bit more beautiful.


Angela B.

Just wanted to say thanks for working on my lip. It looks fantastic. Hope to chat with you soon! P.S. You did a great job!



Getting out of bed seemed like a chore, but the thought of navigating my way to the gym through the dark was only that much more daunting. My energy levels continued to sink and I knew that if I didn't find a way to get to work out into my busy daily schedule, I might not loose the battle, but the war too. Not only did I feel like a lug, I looked tired too. I took no pleasure in things I once enjoyed, and it showed. My life had changed when my only child went away to college, and suddenly it was as though I had no role in the world. Even my job, which was often my sole source for intellectual stimulation and social interaction ceased to be of interest, and seemed mundane and without purpose. I was in a rut and the steps to climb out from under seemed too steep a price to pay. After a physical to rule out any possible health issues, I knew it was up to me to find myself again. Was there an incentive I could offer myself to do what I knew I needed to do to save myself from drowning in a sea of self pity?Athena and I have been associates for a number of years. Never one to hold back, she frankly discussed certain issues about my appearance that might be affecting me emotionally and physically. Admitting that this could be a possibility was the first step toward gaining back some control in my life. After I finished my personal consultation and began the sessions for permanent makeup, I immediately started to take an interest in my appearance, somethingI hadn't done for ages. Her artistry was evident - the haggardness was disappearing more with each session. I began to not only take notice, but truly believed that there was a light at the end of this tunnel. Getting up and going to the gym, already looking great, made it so much easier to face those early morning workouts. My interest in my own life was returning!What has been so fascinating during this process is that this small step in improving my appearance has manifested itself in so many other ways throughout my life. And other than showing up at the appointments, it required very little effort on my part. A small price to pay for a great return on an investment-in me!


Renee U.

I found Athena Karsant through a friend to correct my eyebrows. I had them done somewhere else and was left with a horrible shape and a horrible blue-black color. I have been seeing Athena to correct my eyebrows for about a year or so. My advice to you is that you go to Athena FIRST. She informed me that because my eyebrows had turned black, it would be extremely difficult to soften and remove without damaging the skin. She told me it would be a process and that I would have to commit as she would commit to me.  I learned that a corrective procedure can take many visits and unfortunately has some downtime after each procedure/appointment. Any permanent makeup procedure you get should take a few appointments anyway so naturally a corrective procedure will take many appointments as well. After a year of committing to Athena's artistry she has softened my eyebrows to my liking and I am so very pleased. Go see Athena, she is the very best!  I am getting so many compliments on my eyebrows!  I love them!



Athena really is the "Goddess" of permanent make up.  I sought her out after seeing the results my friend had following a lip treatment.  I am serious when I tell you I didn't believe her lips were tattooed at all, period.  It's a few years later and her lips are still to be envied...I had my eyeliner & lips done and the experience changed my life!  I wear bifocals - I couldn't see to properly apply eye make up, even with a 15X magnification mirror.  Now I can go confidently into public - often with no make up at all.  That is saying alot for a fair skinned, light haired woman of a 'certain age' - OK so I'm 61; that doesn't mean I can't steal back some of the confidence aging has spirited away.  I was impressed by Athena's warm personality and professional demeanor.  Her office is sanitary and comfortable.  So yes, I recommend Fooling Mother Nature, if you want cosmetic enhancement or need medical tattoo work.  Athena will not disappoint.


S. M.

I went to Athena after my doctor recommended her to help camouflage a scar I had after surgery. She was very knowledgable and friendly and gave me realistic expectations. She has bent over backwards to accommodate my schedule and is a perfectionist in her work. I am now not so self conscious about my scar. I am so glad I found out about her. Her work is beautiful and a much better option than having revision surgery on an ugly scar.



Athena does permanent cosmetic make up. Her skill and creativity surpass all other cosmetic tattoo artists, without a doubt. She is number one in her field of practice. Athena listens and delivers all that her clients come to her for. For life transforming application of cosmetic tattoo make up, I highly recommend Athena Karsant. You will be delighted with her professional, compassionate approach to excellence beyond compare. 



Thank you for being one of the special people in my life this last year. You have made a difference in how I look, and then how I feel about myself. That is a huge gift. Thank you, Thank you! 



The decision to have my eyebrows permanently enhanced (tattooed) was a hard one. I was anxious and apprehensive. What if this expensive treat for myself turned out to be a big mistake. Well, it wasn't. You were patient with me, demonstrating different techniques and helping my determine my preferences, explaining every move, soliciting my input each step of the way. I'm thrilled with the outcome. It's the best money I've spent in years. I look forward to our next meeting. Thank you for your artistry and professionalims and for your vibrant and kind personality.


Matt K.

An autoimmune disease called alopecia areata took away all my hair, including my eyebrows.  It was traumatizing for me. The eyebrows define our face and help to show our expression.  I was devastated to have lost mine.  Athena gave them back to me.  I tried other, less expensive, semi-permanent tattoo options and in my attempt to save money, I made some mistakes with bad eyebrows.  Athena was honest with me and told me what I needed, which isn't exactly what I thought I should have.  She was right! Athena makes you feel welcome and important.  Her customer service is top notch.  She takes an interest in your situation.  If you sign a contract with Athena she will see you as often as you like during the term of that contract. She will make minor adjustments whenever you want and doesn't make you feel bad for coming in often. Unlike other semi-permamant tattoo places, you don't leave Athena's office looking like a monster.  You don't have to hide for a week until the coloring is right.  You can go out that same day and look good.  She is expensive, but she is the best and what she does!



The Best Around... Honest, Caring, Genuine and I know that there is No One Better that cares as much as Athena Karsant


Andrea F.

I flew in from Phoenix, AZ after a friend of mine had Athena do her eyebrows.  Athena is an amazing artist and I am so happy with my results. She has a keen eye for what shape eyebrow, arch etc..will look good with an individuals face shape. The color she chose for my brows was perfect!  
 Besides being amazing at her work, Athena  has a warm personality and makes you feel at ease with the procedure. She goes above and beyond as far as client care.  She followed up with me the evening of my procedure to check-in to make sure I didn't have any other questions.  It didn't hurt at all, and I can't wait to fly in for my touch-up visits.  Thanks, Athena..You are the best!


Jam M.

Athena is the best in her field!!! Her work is amazing! She is a bit more pricey than other tattoo artists but you definitely get what you pay for! She takes her time to perfect your color and shape and actually cares about skin tone and what shape to do with your facial structure. I had my brows done years ago and they still look great! I loved her so much that I took a high school friend back to have her brows and eyeliner done. WOW...what a difference an appointment with Athena makes. My friend looks amazing! Thanks Athena for all your time, patience and hard work with both of us! 
We love you!



I travel between the Bay Area and the LA area for work and I have been to both of Athena's office locations. She is very accommodating and kind. She has tattooed my eyeliner and I couldn't be happier! I'm thrilled that I can wake up and not have to fuss with my eyeliner every morning! Yay! Many doctors refer to her and endorse her work (which is important to me!) Def go see her, look at her impressive portfolio, credentials, and testimonials! Thanks Athena!


Kimi S.

Athena is absolutely the best in the business! Not only is she very professional, she is on top of her game. She has a way of making you feel comfortable while she is actually listening to what it is that really want. I would recommend her services to anyone who is looking for permanent make-up.I was recommended from a dear friend who had her brows done that looked simply amazing. Since I was in the area for a work conference it just made sense to see her.  I will definitely be back again!!!  It doesn't get any better than this! Love, love my new brows and eyeliner!


Karen H.

I am very impressed with Athena, her office and her credentials. I checked out her web page to see her testimonials and before and after photos. I was very happy to see all of the doctor endorsements/ testimonials as well. I looked at a few other permanent makeup artists and while they had pretty good reviews, they didn't have doctor endorsements like Athena had and they didnt have the amount of credentials that Athena had. I can't tell you how much time I spent each morning putting my eyeliner on! Sometimes I would get so stressed I would just wipe it all off and forget it!! I got my eyeliner tattooed on by Athena and I am so thrilled! It is so natural looking and just perfect! I am so grateful that I don't have to spend that extra time in the morning fussing with my eyeliner! Thanks Athena!



Going somewhere else was the first mistake. Never underestimate Athena and her talent. She is the most amazing permanent makeup artist on the planet! ️ Love her & her work.

Pam S.

I sought out Athena's help after another cosmetic tattooist tattooed my eyebrows black and made them way too big for my face. I looked terrible.  Athena was able to take the black and gradually turn it brown to match my hair. Then she was able to make them smaller so that they looked like they fit my face. All of my friends, and my fiercest critic, my mother, say that they look "much better," "terrific," "great." I have Athena to thank. She is accommodating to my schedule. Thoughtful in her artistry. And dedicated to getting the best result for her clients. I highly recommend you see Athena first, before going to anyone else, so that you don't have to have Athena fix things a year later.



I over plucked my brows when I was in college and they never grew back.  Someone suggested I try permanent make-up.  A friend did an extensive search for the best person in L.A. and one of the three names she gave me was Athena's.  I was extremely nervous with the idea of having this done, but during the consultation she explained the process and what makes her process unique.  Athena charges a higher rate than others we had talked to, but her process insured that I would be comfortable and happy with the results.  I could not be happier and would highly recommend her.


Dr. Caroline K.

As a breast cancer survivor, I am amazed by how much better I feel about myself since getting my nipples tattooed (after double mastectomy and implant reconstruction). Athena has done a phenomenal job and has been very caring and supportive.  When I look in the mirror I no longer see a sick person; I don't mourn my breasts. Now, I feel normal - it has truly helped heal my spirit.   



I would like to tell you about an amazing woman who does permanent makeup & skin/scar restorations with tattoos. I began using permanent makeup as a working mother during the 1980s, and on several occasions I used skin-toned tattoos to hide scars from surgeries and burns. After many great experience over a number of years, I finally had a horrible experience with "permanent" lip color. I was left with a thick dark line around my lips. The line looked absolutely hideous. I had to apply heavy lipstick all day long to hide it. This really bothered me since I used permanent make-up so that I never had to wear regular make-up. I called a number of people and was unhappy with the suggestions: laser removal, saline injections, it can't be removed.... Then I found Athena who completely removed the dark color with several applications of lighter colors. I also asked to "cover" several of my scars (from surgery and burns). I've been completely amazed with her technique and results. Athena really knows what she is doing. She understands how to use color and keeps the work natural looking. Her applications were the least painful and the results were the closest to perfect I've ever experienced. I am truly amazed by her ability and commitment to the quality of her work, particularly in light of the number of people doing this type of tattooing that really have no training or expertise. 


Maureen C.

Athena is a skilled technician as well as true artist in her field. I've seen excellent results from the work she has done. Not only had she done excellent work, but she has been a joy to work with. She has bent over backwards to accommodate my schedule. Living 6 hours from San Francisco, I am not always flexible as to when I can make my appointments. Again, I thank you for your referral and encourage any other of your patients to take advantage of her services, I know they will not be disappointed. 


V. L. V.

I've beens to Athena twice now and she has done in incredible job on my lips. My lips were very scarred from years of cold sores/herpes and I had completely lost my lower lip line. Not anymore. For the first time in 20 years, I can go out without a pound of lipstick on. I told Athena that she was a miracle worker, and she is. I would not hesitate to recommend Athena. She's extremely professional with a vivacious personality and is very dedicated to providing only the best and complete satisfaction to her clients. Thank you again, and I look forward to working with you in the near future.


Diane K.

I went to see her (Athena) to correct some permanent eyeliner that I had done in Marin. She did a great job and I have gone on to have my lips done. I am completely happy with her work; she is truly and artist. I have the highest regard not only for her work, but also her manner. It's always a blast to go and see her - and that is saying a lot since there is pain involved. She is absolutely professional and intent on doing exactly when the client wants while using effective techniques to minimize pain.


Andrea K.

I offer any of your perspective clients my highest recommendation of your services. Your professional skills and enthusiasm for the art of permanent makeup is extraordinary. I am very grateful to you for your patience and particularly for your propensity for setting high standards in your work. You are a caring, sweet person and a talented technician.


Lexi T.

I went to Athena 5 years ago for eye liner and eyebrow permanent make up. She was pricey compared to all the others out there but It's my face we are talking about here and she was highly recommended by my plastic surgeon who I trust! I also have seen her work on a few friends and she did an amazzzing job on them! Athena is the best in my opinion speaking from experience. I paid her one time her fee it was not an in and out procedure it took a few times and a few hours which I did not mind. My eyebrows look soooo natural and so beautiful NOT a heavy hand type thick fake looking job like I have seen on a few relatives. My eyebrows look like really fine hair and very defined and my eyeliner I love! It has been over 5 years and I have not needed a touch up but will definitely be back for one ! Athena is also very funny and very sweet and has a beautiful office with an amazing view so I did not mind having to come back for my procedure to be completed. You get what you pay for ! first class all the way HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! will post pics soon! :)


Dawn B.

I have to say that athena has done wonderful work on my face - eyes, lips, brows - the works! i am getting compliments from friends and family, although few know what i actually had done.  it did take a while - 5 visits in total. athena is very careful, and impressively expert at what she does. she's artistic with a wonderful sense of beauty and style. i did not know what i wanted, but she walked me thru the possible lip shapes, eye lining, etc. it has all turned out beautifully but you cannot expect it to happen on one or two visits. particularly difficult were the lips, the color has a hard time sticking so it has to be done repeatedly. but now, after 5 visits, i am delighted at the results. athena is is masterful, for sure. it isn't cheap, but i do think she's the best there is.


Angie M.

Don't wait any longer! The sooner you make an appointment with Athena, the sooner you will be the happiest you've ever been. My eyebrows have been slowly disappearing for about 10 years. Not a cute look. Drawing them on was not working. I was a slave to my eyebrows. Thank you Athena for the excellent and beautiful job you did on my eyebrows. Words cannot describe how happy I am. One last thing, I don't do pain. I'm a wimp. This did not hurt at all. All I can say is I wish I would have done it sooner.



For all you Trekkie fans, remember in Star Trek when the doctor would use a dermal regenerator to instantly heal a skin wound flawlessly? God! How I desperately wish there was such a gadget! However, for anyone suffering from acne scars in the real world, I’ve found the next best thing, it’s called needling. Needling is a simple and safe procedure that can break up the scar tissue and allow the scar to rise. I have some rolling scars on my face (due to acne), and along with it, major depression and social insecurities. Believe me, I’ve tried everything: lasers, chemical peels, collagen, and saline injections. The lasers and chemical peels helped with my uneven skin tone, but did nothing for the deeper scars. The collagen would only last a couple months and it always looked lumpy to me. The saline gave some results, but not enough to justify the cost of driving one hour on the freeway and paying a ridiculous amount of money for some simple saline injections. I read about needling on the web, but was a bit tentative about trying it. When nothing seemed to help my deep scars, I started doing more research on the subject. Everything I read seemed to be very positive and everyone had excellent results. So... I took the plunge! I found Athena in Beverly Hills, a permanent makeup artist, who also does needling on scars. Athena was so positive and caring from the start. She gave me hope, a factor that was missing in my other scar treatments. (What a concept!) We tried it on one scar that day, just to see how my skin would react. There was a relatively short healing period (about 4 days). After that, I was amazed to see that the scar improved almost 50%. I’m not kidding, the scar looked so much better in one needling session than in all the other procedures I have done combined. I was ecstatic, and couldn’t wait for my next session, which are scheduled about a month apart. Another nice thing about needling is that, unlike lasers or peels, which will strip your skin, needling builds new skin and collagen from underneath. That mean: 1)i it’s permanent 2) you can keep on needling every month until you get the results you want and 3) your scar becomes more shallow each time. Oh, one more glorious thing, everyday the scars look better and better, so it continues to heal and rise, it seems. I’ve even had some saline injections in between needling sessions, and the saline works a lot better. I haven’t finished my sessions yet, but some of my scars are almost level. I feel so much better about myself and I love Athena for her honesty and meticulous work (she doesn’t miss a thing!). She is an angel there to help. There is hope so hand in there, do your homework, and go for it!


Benjamin C. Byers

The purpose of this letter is to attest to the high quality of work and professional level of service that I have received consistently from Ms. Athena Karsant. In particular: Quality of Work & Fees: For most of my adult life (male, late 40s), I have carried unsightly acne scars on my chest. All over-the-counter treatments that I have tried have been ineffective and plastic surgery has not been an option due to its very high cost. However, Ms. Krsant’s cosmetic imaging approach has more than exceeded my expectations for the restoration of normal skin tone and has done so at a price that, while certainly no inexpensive, is affordable. Based on fees that I’ve paid for related dermatological procedures, I find her fees very reasonable. Professionalism: The research that I did on cosmetic imaging prior to becoming a client of Ms. Karsant’s revealed her extensive background and depth of credentials, including instructor level certifications, in cosmetology and intradermal technology. With her over 30 years of industry experience, including at least 15 as a sole proprietor, and extensive professional affiliations, I had no reason to expect anything less than I high level of dedication to her craft and commitment to her customers. Indeed, that has been my experience and, moreover, I’ve neither experienced nor observed in her interactions with other patients anything to suggest that I should continue to expect any less of her. Customer Service: Much to Ms. Karsant’s credit, and from the standpoint of customer service, my own volatile schedule has required me to cancel and reschedule appointments on several occasions. Each time, she has been fully accommodating of the change and I’ve never felt that the services I continued to receive were in any way diminished by the lack of regularity in my sessions. To the contrary, my preference would be for shorter sessions if only the technology allowed for it; but it doesn’t: Setup time (including initial paperwork) typically takes 20 minutes and the treatment itself, once it’s begun, simply cannot be rendered in under an hour if it’s to be done at all. In short, Ms. Karsant meets my highest level of expectations for quality of work, professionalism, integrity, and fairness of prices charged.


Jennifer Post

I am writing to you as a satisfied client of Athena Karsant. I am thrilled with the cosmetic tattoos Athena created for me. Additionally, I have found Athena so easy to work with. As an attorney who travels a bit for work I have had to reschedule appointments, often at the last minute. Athena has always accommodate my last minute schedule changes. Additionally, while at the office (a total of 8 hours or so over 4 appointments), I have been struck by how responsive and attentive she is to her clients. Athena never ignores a phone call and always provides a solution to any scheduling issue. I highly recommend her services.


Estelle Franklin

I met you (Athena) approximately one year ago after seeing your ad in the San Francisco Focus magazine. My eye caught your ad because of the phrase “wake up without makeup.” For the past year I contemplated lip enhancement surgery but due to the price and lack of guarantee, I opted to see you. I was very impressed by how comfortable you made me feel during our first appointment. You treated me as if I had known you for years. I completed a questionnaire about my history and I took a test to see if I had any possible allergies to the dye used in the process. Your work was outstanding and I left feeling very positive about my new full and luscious lips. I was also informed that the process involves several sittings (or layering). I appreciate the fact that whenever I need a touch-up you always accommodate my needs. Whether you are in Florida or in Los Angeles, you always return my calls promptly. I was so impressed by your work that I decided to have my brows done after seeing some of your client’s photographs. I never considered myself a “brow” person, but after you pencilled in my brows I understood your statement, “Your brows frame your face.” After my initial sitting I just couldn’t get enough of my “new brows” and have seen you on four occasions to have my brows touched up. I love your work so much that I plan on having permanent eyeliner done in the future.  Meeting you had made me feel as good inside as I look on the outside. Do not hesitate to have anyone who has second thoughts about cosmetic imagining call me.


Dr. Jeany H.

I want to let you know that I am extremely happy that I had my permanent eyelining done. As you know, I had my initial consultation over three years ago. I wished that I had it done then. If I had known how much the procedure would change my life, I would have even made it a financial priority! Applying eyeliner was the most time consuming part of my makeup regimen. I was never really good at it and now that frustration is eliminated. I exercise almost every day which means that I apply makeup at least twice daily. Having permanent eyeliner reduced my “get ready” time by at least 10 minutes. Thank you so much.


J. Rush

If you are looking for permanent makeup through a very professional, caring individual, then you have found the right person. I have been a client of Athena’s for a long time and I have always trusted her judgment. During my last visit, Athena noticed some light spots on my lower lip. She chose to be cautious and have them checked by my dermatologist before we went ahead with the lip color. I am so glad that she did. As it turned out I have skin cancer on my lower lip and am now going through a course of chemotherapy treatments. Luckily it was caught very early, and after this treatment, I should be fine. If Athena had not had such a high degree of integrity, and cared so much for her clients, I might have gone much longer before seeing the dermatologist. It might have been too late at that point. No wonder so many Dermatologists and Cosmetic Surgeons refer their patients to Athena.



I originally came to Ms. Athena Karsant in the fall of 2007. I had scars with crosshairs across the back of my head from hair transplant surgery. She has done an excellent job working on marks that were so extensive. The improvement in the scars has made me feel better about my appearance. As she had told me when we started, the work took a long time. Besides being a talented artist, she has been very professional. I would highly recommend her.


Bec Platz

Being born with a cleft lip in a country town in QLD, Australia, there was no local surgeons to operate on me. My family relocated to the city so I could receive my much needed operations to rebuild my mouth.  The surgeons did a fantastic job, however, I had been left with a scar that went from my nostrils down through my lip and into my mouth, this also left me with thin, odd-shaped lips.  I grew up being extremely self conscious and embarrassed about my odd shaped lips. I thought I would have to accept it and move on until one day I found a website I clicked on the gallery and to my surprise there was a before and after photo of a cleft patient like me. I was amazed and very emotional the results looked fantastic, and I immediately read up on about Athena Karsant, who was a world renowned cosmetic tattooist based in San Francisco. She was highly regarded by everyone who had worked with her or who had work done by her, so I immediately emailed Athena and started looking at flights from Australia within 24hours. I had received an email from Athena and had my appointment booked. After a long 20 hour flight from Brisbane, I was in San Francisco enduring my first session with Athena. I walked out of the clinic a new person. I could not stop looking in the mirror! I was so happy; she had done such a great job, and I was the happiest I had ever been. I can't thank Athena enough for the life changing experience. She gave me a new found confidence, and I can't thank her enough.  I would highly recommend Athena to anyone who is considering cosmetic correction.



After asking many questions about your work and getting straight answers, I am grateful that I trusted my intuition. Your dedication to your craft and professionalism is awesome. Your technical cosmetic skills and finely-tuned hands are a big plus, but more importantly, it is your refined artistic sense with its aesthetic of balance and subtle use of color which has made all the difference. Gratefull (after all the horror stories on TV), I do not look like a clown, but rather natural-looking, which is very much in keeping with my aesthetic. You demonstrate great bedside manner and caring follow-through. This may be weird given the circumstances, but I have found myself actually enjoying the treatment sessions. They gave a better sense of who you are, your sense of humor and your interest in the outside world. I am touched by your loving concern for your mother.  I am so glad that you were the one who did the work. It was so expertly done that even close friends can’t tell! Now that’s what I call success. With your discretion I know that my secret is safe with you. Thank you so much, Athena.


Bobbi Gugger

This letter is a testimony to your excellent work and dedication to making the results better than I could have ever imagined. Your work exceeded my expectations you also make my visits comfortable and followed up with me to make sure I kept coming in for my successive visits. Having the work done has changed my life. I look so much better without makeup and I save so much time now that I don’t have to draw in my brows. They are perfect and wonderful. Thanks for everything Athena and I wish you continued success.


Debra L.

After getting tired of messing with my eyebrows all the time, I  went to Athena to have her tattoo them permanently just the way I like them done. I went to Athena because a VERY prominent Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon (who does the Kardashians) told me that she was the best tattooing expert in Los Angeles. I have found Athena to be an absolute expert in every way. I have sat in her office all told for about 6 hours and have enjoyed seeing all the miracles she performs so adeptly. She is fast, decisive, kind, friendly, honest, and an absolute perfectionist. She really does know what she is doing. I finally quit trying to second guess her because every time I did, I decided later that I should have taken her first advice instead. She really is always right. Plus, she does free touch ups for a full year. And she is so amazingly patient. And that is why it is one hundred percent worth it to pay a few bucks more and come to Beverly Hills for the best permanent makeup in the world. I get compliments on my eyebrows every single day. Thank you, Athena.


Cricha J.

Athena Beverly Hills is a permanent makeup studio operated by Athena Karsant, a board-certified permanent cosmetic professional artist. I recently went to Athena after having had an unsatisfactory  result  from tattooing my eyebrows at another Beverly Hills permanent makeup studio. All I can say is that Athena is amazing. My eyebrows look incredible. For the first time in my life, I have exactly the eyebrows I've always wanted - perfect shape and perfect color that STAYS. My fee was $1,500 and for that, I've been there more than a couple of times, since my eyebrows don't take color very well. Not only is Athena an amazing artist - she is technically proficient and truly understands the balance and structure of the female face. The studio itself is clean and beautiful - mirrors everywhere, great lighting and very conveniently located on Bedford in BH. Athena also does advanced permanent makeup for scar concealing and I am having her do my scars from a breast reduction.  It's so great - I never thought this kind of look would be possible, particularly since I had a bad result from before. Athena uses very good topical anesthetic and she works extremely fast. I can't say enough good things about this place or about Athena. Finally, I can wake up in the morning and have fabulous-looking eyebrows!


Jodi L.

Athena is awesome!!!  I cannot say  enough about how amazingly talented an artist she is. I was referred to Athena by my dermatologist. I always had trouble with defining my eyebrows and eyeliner. Since I have allergies as well this made wearing a lot of eye makeup uncomfortable and irritating to my eyes. I went to Athena to get permanent makeup to solve this problem. Plus I work a very demanding job that does not allow time for makeup malfunction or allergy eyes. At first I was very nervous because lets face it, if the artist does not know what they are doing the damage can be permanent. But after my free consult with Athena I felt 100% sure that she was the right person to help me. Athena makes you feel comfortable, welcome and is always very professional. She takes time to make sure you are happy with the work done and does not rush you.  Athena is knowledgeable and very experienced. I recommend Athena to everyone who is thinking about permanent makeup. She is the best!!!


Jodi L. (Update)

I previously wrote a review for Athena...but she is truly so talented that I need to write another one.  I have been Athena's client for many months now. Her work has gotten progressively more and  more beautiful. The key to getting permanent makeup is  layering and fine tuning work already done, so you always look like perfection. Athena is supremely skilled at maintaining a fresh, natural beauty with her tattooing.  She continues to be very personable and fun, not to mention her ultimate professionalism at all times. Athena works clients in on based on their needs and is so accommodating.  I am affectionately referred to as her junkie. I always want more work done and cannot wait for my next appointment. It really boosts my ego when I can wake up in the morning looking like I spent meticulous effort putting on makeup.  The truth is all I do most days is wash my face and moisturize and put a bit of lip gloss on, and I am ready to face the day. Sometimes I go out and then realize I forgot to put makeup on...but it does not matter,  because of Athena's genius skills I look beautiful and refined with no effort at all. Isn't that what every woman strives for? I am so thankful for Athena! I do not know how I survived without her all these years!!!!!!!!


Jodi L. (Update)

Athena is amazing! This is the third review I am writing for Athena. She is a true artist. I was initially very tenative about anyone going near my face with a needle and permanent dye.. But it is amazing what desperation due to lack of eyebrows will do for a girl.  After much research I decided to consult with Athena for my permanent makeup. I work long hours and have allergic eyes as well. So wearing makeup irritates this. My goal was to get definition in my face and therefore need to wear less make up. The initial consultation is no charge. Athena takes as much time as you request to get all questions answered.  Her office is beautiful, bright and modern. She makes you feel very valued and comfortable. Immediately I knew Athena would do a great job...Initially I had the eyebrows done. With fantastic results I progressed to full eyeliner and then lips.  All work was completed with excellence and artistry that surpasses all others in this profession. Do not go to anyone else for permanent makeup. Go to Athena! She is the best!!! Athena charges one fee for a whole year. This is great so you can budget and then not worry if you need touch ups throughout the year.  Athena is always professional and caters to her clients needs and schedules.  Athena Karsant is the best professional board certified permanent cosmetic artist. Many renowned doctors trust her with their client referrals. If you want guaranteed , top of the line amazing results Athena karsant delivers this. I love my makeup! I never felt so beautiful!


Gaelle C.

Athena will have my loyalty forever! After a disastrous lip tattoo which had turned gray, I looked like a Goth and felt disfigured! No amount of lipstick or lip liner was ever enough to cover it. A couple years ago while planning a trip to LA from Australia, I called a top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and asked if they could kindly recommend the best permanent make up artist to correct my terrible gray lips. They were happy to refer me to Athena Karsant in Beverly Hills. As I walked into the lovely tattoo studio I was greeted with genuine warmth and compassion. After looking at before/after photos I knew I was in the right place! She did a fantastic and painless job! My lips are now pink and rosy! I live in Australia and have been paying a visit to Athena Karsant every time I come to LA. She has never charged me an extra penny for the touch ups. Now that's customer service! To anyone looking to get permanent make up, I have one word of advice to offer: don't waste your time, go straight to the best, Athena!


Karen L.

Although the art of the tattoo has been around for thousands of years, most of us have a very limited concept of what it is.  Our perception of the art is limited to boys in the Navy, the Groucho Marx song about Lydia the tattooed lady and those skanky girls  Jessie James cheated with on Sandra Bullock.  Even some doctors do not really know what Athena does and what she can accomplish until once they are in her office.  I was one of those gals with no eyebrows at all. I had to draw them on every morning which is a pain. A friend insisted I call Athena. That call changed everything for the good-it totally changed my life and my morning make up routine. I was so scared at first but she put me at such ease and made me so comfortable that I was ready for anything. I found her to be really honorable about exactly what I needed and what I did not.  She was not out to cheat me or get as much as she could.  I appreciated that. I will be returning soon for my touch up and I know I will not be asked for more money.  It is all part of her original fee. She also has a killer view of the city! An enjoyable experience all around!


Updated for Beverly Hills office

I haven't been to this location BUT I have been to her san francisco location. She is the best! I wrote a yelp review on her other location (she is at both locations) but figured that I would write one here too since it is for the same person - ATHENA.... here is what i wrote on her san francisco location: Although the art of the tattoo has been around for thousands of years, most of us have a very limited concept of what it is.  Our perception of the art is limited to boys in the Navy, the Groucho Marx song about Lydia the tattooed lady and those skanky girls  Jessie James cheated with on Sandra Bullock.  Even some doctors do not really know what Athena does and what she can accomplish until once they are in her office.  I was one of those gals with no eyebrows at all. I had to draw them on every morning which is a pain. A friend insisted I call Athena. That call changed everything for the good-it totally changed my life and my morning make up routine. I was so scared at first but she put me at such ease and made me so comfortable that I was ready for anything. I found her to be really honorable about exactly what I needed and what I did not.  She was not out to cheat me or get as much as she could.  I appreciated that. I will be returning soon for my touch up and I know I will not be asked for more money.  It is all part of her original fee. 


Elizabeth H. 

I haven't decided if Athena is a great artist or a miracle worker.  Over the last few years she has given me new eyebrows (because I over tweezed as a girl) eyeliner, lash enhancements and Marilyn Monroeish lips. She also hid a very nasty biopsy pit on my cheek. She is the best and I am so thankful for what she has done for me. It looks like she has made ten years vanish from my if she could just make 10 pounds vanish from my butt ... That really would be a miracle!!!!!! hahahaha


Susan V.

After years of experiencing the embarrassment of scars, I was lucky enough to find Athena and Jessica in Beverly Hills. Athena is a true artist and perfectionist..... she will treat you until you get the desired results, after the initial one time fee. These ladies are professional and discreet, not to mention beautiful woman as well! In the end they feel like family!



I have been a client of Athena for about a year now, and she has taken very good care of me! She and Jessica do not nickel and dime you to death, they take care of you until everyone is happy with the results. They are patient, talented, beautiful, caring, and always professional. I am always comfortable having them treat my embarrassing scars, and now I am so much more confident with my body! These ladies are the best in Los Angeles! I wouldn't trust anyone else



I have been a client and friend of Athena's for a long time, and I have seen dramatic results on many of her clients, including myself! Her work is so good, that you can't even tell it's been done because it looks so natural! She and her team are the most amazing group of women.....I wouldn't let anyone else touch me in this town!! No way!




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