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In a very unregulated industry with technicians who can make unsupported claims, we wanted to share with you testimonies from real people, with real stories and real experiences. There are thousands of cosmetic tattooists in the industry, and they all have positive reviews on their websites. However, if you look at most sites, you will see only a handful of written testimonies. Athena's work is considered by many to be the best in the industry, and we believe that our pages and pages of reviews justifies that claim. We have not seen anyone else in the cosmetic tattooing industry who comes even close to the number of positive reviews that Athena has. We hope that these testimonies by our clients help you to rest assured that Athena will take care of you and give you the best possible procedure.

Linda S.

I have known Athena for many years and she is without a doubt the best in the business.  She has such an artistic eye and her attention to detail to nothing short of amazing.  I was so nervous about having my eyebrows done, but Athena puts you at ease.  She has such a warm, caring and gentle approach that I was able to relax and let her work her magic.   She is so extraordinarily talented and I would highly recommend Athena to anyone considering permanent makeup.


Andrea B.

Athena is simply the best . I went to so many permanent makeup studios in the area. I changed from one to the others . Each time I was disappointed. Finally I found Athena Karsant 's studio and for years I be coming back . On top of her talent , she got patients and is extremely kind. She goes the extra mile to help you in any way. 


Andrew M.

What a find! I have been the victim of disastrous results after plastic surgery. After years of trying many expensive methods to camouflage the heinous scars on my face I am finally getting some relief! Not only is Athena and her assistant Eve competent , but they are the sweetest, kindest people I have met in a long time. After 2 visits my scars are way less visible and I could not be happier. There now is a light at the end of my years long struggle! She is an amazing person and an amazing artist helping people like me feel better about themselves and get thier lives back. Thank you! Thank you


Lily C.

When I first heard about cosmetic tattooing, I was a bit turned away from it. Especially seeing woman with tattooed eyebrows that looked blue rather than their natural color. In 2003, I was introduced to Athena for a consultation, and the possibilities that could be done to give me back some symmetry with my eyebrows and lips. Just a quick summary of me. I am a burn survivor and have facial scarring. Athena's procedures, tattooing my eyebrows, eyelids and lips, gave me so much to my surprise. She was able to brake down scar tissue. In turn, gave my lips much more mobility. My confidence level boosted up quite significantly. More facial movement and expressions. People notice the subtle changes but could not put their finger on it. They thought I had more reconstructive surgery. FYI, I had 37 surgeries on my face only. This is minimal compared to other burn survivors surgeries. Along with being extremely blessed to be alive and healthy, I am also very grateful to have Athena 's gifted hands work on me and give something back to me that I longed to have again...a smile. Thank you.


Leland E.

Athena Karsant is the Rolls Royce of permanent make up artists. Yes, her services are more expensive, but if you are considering permanently accenting your face through the art of tattooing only the best will do and Athena is undoubtedly hands down the very best in her field. She is an incredible artist and a warm congenial person. I felt totally comfortable the moment i walked into her gorgeously designed office for my consultation. I got my eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips done and they look beautiful. I now have the arch in my brow I've always wanted, beautiful rose colored lips, and subtle accentuation around my eyes. In fact no one would ever notice her work as tattooing. It looks so natural it has become part of me. She made me feel completely comfortable during the procedure with warm funny personality.  Athena is an artist who will bring out the best in your features and make you feel more beautiful than ever. I cannot recommend her enough!


Bonnie A.

I learned about Athena's expertise and services by visiting her website and reading the testimonials.  I have had a raised scar on my upper lip due to a poor cosmetic procedure many years ago.  I have had consultations with many Dermatologists to no avail.  After reading about the needling technique Athena has used on clients with similar scars and seeing their before and after pictures, I decided to call for a consultation.  I liked Athena immediately.  Without even meeting me, she was extremely warm and compassionate. She spent a great deal of time explaining the procedure, time commitment, etc.  In addition, she went out of her way to accommodate my schedule.  While it has only been a couple of days since my first treatment, I am very pleased with the results.  Athena and her colleague, Jessica, put me at ease the moment I walked in the door.  They explained each step of the procedure and insured I was comfortable at all times.  They actually made it fun as in between they decided my eyebrows needed some touching up, asked if I was okay with it, and did a beautiful job.  Athena is lovely; extremely knowledgeable and so caring.  Jessica is a beautiful young woman who truly loves her profession.  I honestly cannot wait until my next appointment.


Chrystle W.

I got permanent makeup done by Athena about a month ago. She was fantastic and so was her work. What I liked the most was that she was very fast, I was in and out, in about an hour. Having had previous bad experiences with others who claimed to want to help, but only wanted to rip me off, Athena was a breath of fresh air. She worked with me and understood the issues I was having with my body. Her office in Beverly Hills is very clean and updated. The atmosphere is very welcoming and comfortable. I have recommended her to everyone I know who is interested in getting cosmetic makeup. And I recommend her to whoever is ready this review. Athena is worth it!!!


B W.

After trying to pencil in the "perfect " eyebrow for years and years, I woke up one morning and decided I didn't want to go into old age (like my mother) with no eyebrows because I couldn't see to draw them on anymore! Thanks, Yelp, because all of you led me straight to Athena to do the very first cosmetic tattooing procedure I've ever done in my life. Athena was a pleasure to consult with. She has an expert eye and really cares about her clients. She *wants* you to look your best and is genuinely happy and proud that her artistry contributes to the natural beauty of her clientele. At any rate, Athena  told me that the reason I was having a difficult time drawing in my arches evenly was because my eyebrow bone structure are differently shaped; this contributed to over-plucking eyebrow hairs that, over time, just wouldn't grow back in. Just so you know: Perfectly tattooed brows don't occur in just one sitting, so don't let any person or professional tell you differently!  In my first visit Athena said that I'd come back probably three times in order for us to sculpture my perfect eyebrows using the right color palette and shaping (FYI that all touch-ups and work of this nature is FREE in the first year).  I just came back after visit #2 and my eyebrows are nothing less than STUNNING. Athena is passionate about making sure you look top notch and are satisfied with her services. She'll remember if you don't come back or keep in touch. Athena cares about her clients and wants you to call her if you have questions/problems/etc. She will call you to follow up, too! All I can say is, pay the price to have Athena work her magic on you the FIRST time, rather than have it done elsewhere and have to pay more for her to correct a botched job. Athena, thank you so much for correcting a lifelong problem that I have forever been self conscious about ! I feel-and look-beautiful!!!


Ravi N.

My Daughter (now a teen) developed a Strawberry Hemangioma on the top her right eye when she was an infant. By the time she was 12 she had undergone few surgeries (ptosis, laser) and had gotten past worst of that condition. However her right eyebrow needed additional work in order for her to look normal. We were looking for a non surgical option at this point and we consulted Athena a year ago. We are so glad we found Athena because in this one year, in few sittings, she did wonders with bringing back near normal looks to my daughter. Athena is not just an expert in what she does, she is an artist and a very committed, a very good hearted lady.


Kate W.

It is no coincidence that Athena shares the name with a Goddess. Her work is simply divine. After years of bad plucking and occasionally decent wax jobs, I grew tired of trying to get the brows to look right and researched permanent make up. With great trepidation I went to Athena. She paid attention to the dimensions of my face, and saw the undertones in the skin  color and hair tone. I'd been doing it all wrong all these years. The result then was fantastic. To the few I have disclosed it to, no one could believe they weren't entirely natural ( fabulous, yes as well!) Yes the service is expensive. but you pay once up front for Athena to do subtle work that may take several visits to achieve. I'd rather have it that way than  a one and done that I get to look in the wrong mirror and regret daily. I went back in about 5 years after the first session, since I use Retin A and that of course faded the color. Again perfection. Then after seeing the results of one of her departing clients, and entering the age group that needs to use Cheaters, I decide to do the eye liner. I'd hesitated because I like to play with color and thought that doing the liner  permanently would close that option. Wrong. I can use the permanent line as a guide when I want color, or just wake up, slap on some mascara ( or not, they're that good!) and go. The liner was harder to achieve since my eyes are not symmetrical. Athena was patient, and all the sessions where I wanted it just a little more here, just a tad darker there  cost me not  dime over the stated starting price. I've read the review accusing positive reviewers of being Athena's friend. After having had her work on me, caringly and patiently, and with great results over the years, I can only hope that I  might qualify as her friend. I certainly consider her mine.


Margaret L.

Athena is a caring and experienced practitioner.


Melanie R.

I have been drawing my eyebrows on since I was 14 and I am now 29!!!!! One day I decided to do the math and see how much time would I spend doing my eyebrows in my lifetime....well the answer was 7 months!!!! Sometimes it would take 10 minutes and other times it would take hours!!!! So I finally decided that it was time to get my eyebrows tattooed on. I am a perfectionist and I knew that the person that would tattoo my eyebrows on was going to have to be BEYOND EXCELLENT!!! I have visited SEVERAL websites, looked at SEVERAL pictures and spoke and met with many tattoo artist. I decided that it was time to do another web search yesterday and I came across Athena's website and I was IMPRESSED and AMAZED!!!! With each before and after set of pictures I was more and more impressed!!! I IMMEDIATELY called her and scheduled an appointment. I was extremely excited to meet Athena, look at more of her work ( and believe me she is an artist!!!!), get her professional opinion on what shape eyebrow would be the best for me and get my eyebrows tattooed ASAP!!!!! I continued to look at her website and Facebook page as I was counting down the minutes to meet with her. I literally could not wait to meet her and get my eyebrows tattooed on right away!! I called her back and asked her if I could get my eyebrows tattooed on that day. She said yes and I was thrilled!!! When I came into her salon she had a women in her chair as she was finishing her eyebrows, her work was impeccable!!! It was even better in person that it was in her picture!!!! I looked at the women's eyebrows and you COULD NOT tell that they were tattooed on!!! They looked so real even when I looked at the women's brows up close!! Not only were her eyebrows matched her skin tone and hair color perfectly!!!! I was SOLD!!!!! She used a technique that some how makes the eyebrows tattoo look like individual hairs!!! Athena makes it look like an actual eyebrow (made of hair) as apposed to a penciled in eyebrow!!!  I didn't even need to see pics I wanted my eyebrows tattooed on that day!!! I told her that, we signed some paperwork and worked with me for at least an hour to find the perfect shape. Athena was incredibly patient, she drew two different eyebrows than we tweaked it for an hour until we found the perfect shape for my face. After we picked the shape she told me that it took 2-5 sessions to actual perfect the eyebrow but I would only be paying a one time fee which I thought was great!!!! Especially since all the other salons that I spoke with told me that I would have to have several sessions but I would have to pay for each session as apposed to Athena who only charges you once which covers any kind of tweaks or touch ups for a year!!! She then told me that she would begin the process of tattooing the eyebrow....well she spent several hours on my eyebrows and they turned out BETTER than I excepted!!!!! She said that she would still need to touch up my eyebrows a few more times but let me tell you I got them done yesterday then I went out today and did not have to pencil in my brows at all!!! I got SEVERAL complements and it was only day 1!!!!!! I CANNOT stop going on and on about how thrilled I am with Athena personally, her professionalism, her extraordinary artistic talent (and believe me she is an ARTIST in the truest since of the word), her attention to detail and my overall experience!!! I WILL SAY IT AGAIN IF YOU WANT TO GET YOUR EYEBROWS TATTOOED ON, YOU WANT THEM TO LOOK REAL AND YOU WANT THE VERY BEST GO TO ATHENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!! SHE IS TRULY AN ARTIST!!!!!!!


Bill Lanese

Thanks so much for a remarkable experience, excellent service and your personal attention to my brows. I never realized my eyebrows were disappearing from my face. With your talent of permanent cosmetics I am now looking less like Pee Wee Herman and more like George Clooney. Thanks for the magnificent makeover. Painless, relaxing, and it totally works. I'll be back soon to freshen up the look. You are the best! Cheers!


Joan P.

You can't fool Mother Nature and I can't fool Mother Nature but Athena can. How great it is to wake up in the morning with your face on and ready to go. Athena is so professional and has the hands of a true artist. I would say there is no one better then Athena!


Toya B.

I have written very few reviews and only for people who have truly provided exceptional service but if they allowed us to give more stars I would. Athena was very nice and accommodating. I never felt like I was at a Dr.'s office but at a friends home. She was very patient with my girlfriend who is very particular about her make up and definitely her face. She has researched and ran across Athena on the second page of Google. Who says you cant find a gem on the 2nd page?!!  We stayed for 4 hours and it felt like 20 minutes. She kept retouching the little places my girlfriend noticed.  She is very knowledge and lets just say I am definitely not a lipstick lesbian so eyeliner and eyebrows aren't my strong suit but I could tell that she knew what she was talking about. If you look at her website the endless certifications and associations are amazing. She continues to educate herself and learns new styles and techniques. Who knew you can remove ink, but apparently Athena can? Pigments and restolin!! Needless to say my girlfriend left smiling and so excited that she would never take 2+ hours to get ready. No more hearing profanity as a small slip caused an eyebrow to go askew. We will be on time! I will go back with my girlfriend even though it may take a while.


Judi K.

This morning when my husband said my new lip shape, color and definition made me look ten years younger, I knew I had to share the genius of Athena's work with everyone. I had six lip surgeries to repair damage after a terrible car accident years ago. My plastic surgeon referred me to this amazing artist to  give me what no surgery could offer - a gorgeous, youthful and perfect shape lip. I opted to have my thinning eyebrows shaped and filled in as well. Athena took loads of time studying my face shape and sketching in her vision before beginning the tattooing. She charges one fee for  the initial design and pigmentation, plus all the touch-ups and improvements I want for an entire year! Best beauty investment I have ever made! Athena deserves my highest praise and gratitude for her artistry, endless patience, and precious kindness.


Margie P.

Athena is amazing!!  I have a fair complexion with very sparse eyebrows. I had my brows down a while back (not by Athena) and the color was terrible!  In addition, i have facelift scars that were very noticeable.  She not only gave me beautiful eyebrows, she removed my scars, too! She is an amazing artist, very professional, and really makes you feel comfortable.  She was referred to me by the one and only Dr. Tim Marten, M.D. One of, if not the best cosmetic surgeons in the world. Thank you so much Athena for giving my confidence back!


Suzie H.

I travel 3,000 miles to have Athena apply my permanent makeup- she is a true artist.  I would not trust anyone else to perform these procedures- eye liner, brows, and lips.    Athena's expertise and professionalism cannot be beaten!



I travel all the way from Maine to seek out Athena's services. Being an active, outdoorsy woman, I wanted a very natural look in my permanent makeup- eyes, lips, and brows.  She is a true artist who gave me exactly the look I wanted. Athena is THE only  permanent makeup artist I will go to.



Athena is a true artist in her application of permanent makeup. I travel all the way from the east coast just for her treatment. She has become a true friend also. I cannot recommend Athena enough.


K.M. S.

I called Athena in desperation after getting horrible permanent lipliner from someone local. Not only did she stop what she was doing to counsel me over the phone, she continued to correspond with me over the next whole week, advising me how to remove the pigment and supporting me through what would have otherwise been a very traumatic experience. Thanks to her advice, I was able to remove most of the pigment, to the point that it's easy to cover with makeup for the time being, and will be so much easier to correct once my lips have had time enough to heal. I don't know too many people who would donate their professional time and expertise to counsel a complete stranger, but that's exactly what Athena did for me, and I just can't thank her enough!


Nancy N.

As my eyebrows were becoming shorter and thinner with age, I realized that an appointment with Athena might be the best remedy.  Athena came recommended by a former client of hers; once I researched her on YELP and then met her, I was convinced she could help me.  She knew exactly when to space my appointments to produce the most desirable outcome.  Athena remained the true professional throughout the treatments.  She really knows what she is doing and the outcome has been most appealing.  I was so favorably impressed that Athena also did my eyeliner and lips.  I got the full treatment and view it as money well spent.


Christine M.

I had a breast lift several years ago, and the highly-rated SF surgeon who did the work did NOT do a good job on my areolas. one was literally straight on one side. (don't ask, and a whole story in itself). anyway, i was told by a good friend who works with a lot of cosmetic surgeons here in SF that Athena was "the ONLY person who should do the work. period." I went in and Athena explained the fee and the procedure and that she would work on them until i was happy. she said i would need at least 3 treatments. there was huge improvement after the 3rd treatment, but i still went in so she could see and verify if i was finished. we both agreed i needed probably one more treatment. i am happy to say that i both areolas "match" and the left one no longer looks straight on the side. After a long time, and an ex-boyfriend who called me "Frankentitty" behind my back, i can say i'm totally happy with my breasts. thank you Athena!


Lorraine J.

Athena has been a God Send! I got a bad scar on my upper lip from a diamond sanded dermabrasion. I tried numerous treatments including expensive laser treatments and nothing seemed to make any noticeable improvement. I was very excited to find Athena and be able to benefit from her expertise. She was honest about it not being a quick fix, but she was confident she would be able to make an improvement with numerous treatments. I travel over 2,000 miles to her office in California for the treatments with no regrets. I just wish i had found her before trying other treatments that were a waste of time and money. I am Athena's biggest fan!


Stacey S.

Athena is wonderful, and I cannot say enough great things about her! I had a very (ahem) personal thing I wanted work done on, and she's been very professional and very helpful. What I really like is how honest she is - from the beginning she let me know that we can do our best, but my issue was complicated. She could have easily just taken my money and not mentioned any uncertainty, but she is not concerned with raking in money. Instead, she genuinely cares about her clients and wants to work with them to meet their wishes. As for my little something something, we are still working on it, but it's definitely getting closer to the target. She's been incredibly caring, patient, and flexible (she once opened the shop entirely just for me really late one night). She's fabulous, and I would definitely recommend her to all of my friends!


Fiona B.

Athena is a treasure and a delight.  I recently had my eyebrows tattooed and she made the whole experience easy, pain-free and fun.  I am now going back to have my eyeliner done.  I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to have any semi-permanent makeup work done.


Suzanne O.

After enjoying many years of cosmetic tattooing suddenly my eyebrows turned green. My dermatologist was reluctant to laser them off. So she explained to me that there are many vairables that can affect the color and referred me to Athena for color correction.  Athena explained that SEVERAL treatments might be required to lift the color but whatever it took was included in her fee. I appreciate knowing exactly what it would cost to take care of these issues. I am EXTREMELY HAPPY with my brows!!!! My contract is almost up and Athena encouraged me to come back to refresh my brows for the coming year. I've enjoyed working with her. She has always explained to me what she was doing and why she was doing it. I sincerely appreciate her artistry and WOULD NOT HESITATE to refer friends and family to her. She is honest, straight forward & sincere in her approach. Thank you Athena. You are very much appreicated! I am constantly getting compliments on my perfect brows that DON'T LOOK TATTOOED!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Looking forward to getting some more permanent make-up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gaby M.

Athena is GREAT! I have had bad experiences in the past letting others tattoo my eyebrows & Atheena has been the best, she listens & is great at what she does :)


Mrs. N.

Athena has built a very solid reputation in the permanent cosmetics world. She did my eyebrows years ago, and I couldn't believe how natural and well shaped they were.  I use to draw them on like sperm, but she corrected them and found the right shade to make it not look like a tattoo.  Her prices are a bit upscale, and I believe they've gone up even more so, but if you can afford to get work done Athena, I wouldn't hesitate one bit.


Daisy C.

I should have written this review months ago. I can not say enough good things about Athena. She is an absolute expert at what she does. Her business has the perfect combination of professionalism and warmth, not always an easy thing to achieve. On my first visit she expained to me what it would take to treat a troublesome scar. She said it might take a few visits. It is clear from the outset that client satisfaction is of the utmost importance to her. She takes such pride in her work, and rightfully so, that she would not be happy with herself untill the best possible results were acheived. Her expertise is both medical and artistic. Going to Athena is worth every penny. On top of it she is the most gracious, lovely person. She always tries to acomadate my schedule. I truly feel I am of the utmost importance to her. I wish all offices, be they cosmetic, medical, or business were such a pleasure. In closing, her work is awesome. My scar which had been very visable is barely noticable. Thank you Athena.


R A.

Through online searching and yelping, I first met Athena back in February 2009 for my first consultation. I have a scar on the back of my head from ear to ear about a 1/6" wide from hair grafting. Athena was very amiable and professional upon first impression and we thoroughly discussed procedures and expectations. She was completely honest with me regarding how long and how many sessions may be required to get the desired outcome. Because my scar was texturally and chromatically uneven, deciphering the colors, needle size, technique, etc. to garner the proper effect of seamless scalp transition was a challenge. All in all, essentially a trial and error method would be needed. After multiple sessions (spaced approximately every 2.5 to 3 months or more, depending on scheduling, healing factors, etc), my scar has significantly improved, to where only some areas of the scar are noticeable up close or at certain angles. After meeting Athena's co-worker Evelyn in my last few sessions, the experiences and professionalism have been that much richer, where Athena and Evelyn can bounce ideas and techniques off each other to come up with the best solution. Ultimately, it realistically took multiple sessions and weeks after to see how my skin healed, how the scar looked after, and if environmental factors changed it. To sum it up, Athena and her team are as real as it gets. Because my case was unique in a sense, it took a few tries to come up with a system of techniques and colors that my scalp liked and matched with. Any other tattoologist that promises perfect final results after one session regarding a procedure like mine, or a more common one dealing with eyebrows/lips, should immediately raise red flags. I will continue seeing Athena and Evelyn, knowing that we're inching closer and closer to the desired look. Like a pro she knows all the basics, but a TRUE artist knows how to manipulate those basics and improvise when a challenging situation arises. In meeting some of her friends, if you'd like any help on eyebrows, lips, i.e. typical procedures, Athena and her team rock. If you have an uncommon procedure or scar revision you would like to have changed, then Athena's definitely your tattoologist. Athena and Evelyn are super professional and a true pleasure to hang with every time, as they have become more than just my amazing tattoologists, but also friends.


Geneva D.

I was scared to let anyone touch my face with something permanent! But Athena's reputation preceded here. I was seeing a well trusted skin professional who highly recommended her, upon my inquiry.  I thank that doctor every time I see her for giving me the gift. THE GIFT: keep my face clean of makeup and all those chemicals! I now have beautiful, subtly enhanced eyes. My eyeliner with tails is literally perfect every day. Perfect solution for me, who doesn't wear much makeup as a doctor in training with very little free time!  She is an incredibly kind lady who truly has a GIFT. Athena is always professional and personable with an artist's eye. I think all deserve THE GIFT!


Joey S.

In the past I've had 3 different people attempt to do permanent eyeliner on me. They never got it right. I even went on a consultation to a "medical spa" and spoke to their cosmetic tatooist, who not only had an unkept appearance, but also didn't sound like she was sure what she would do for my eyeliner.  I almost gave up on the procedure until a physician's office recommended Athena. I called for info and felt confident by Athena's knowledge (after 3 procedures I know what info is important), that I booked the procedure (rather than going in for consult). Her facility is very impressive - immaculate and bright (could double as an o.r.). Athena has a great bedside manner and very attentive to comfort levels during procedure. She is also the first person to offer touch-ups for a year, and is the only person to tell you right away that the first application almost always doesn't give you the final result, and expect to come back for touch-ups. Bottom line - I have the perfect eyeliner that I always wanted. I got a compliment in Nordstrom recently at a cosmetic assoc. that she loved the way I applied my eyeliner! A year later I decided to have my lips done and would have no one else but Athena do the job.  They look fantastic and the color is so great that I usually just wear an spf lip balm. My husband loves the way I look without "regular make-up".


Malgorzata S.

Athena's work is masterful. I was referred to her by my sister who insisted I should only go with the best if I was considering permanent make-up. When I went for the consultation, I was focusing on eyebrows and perhaps eyeliner. Athena suggested I might consider also doing my lips and I was so glad I did. Athena worked patiently on all 3 areas, showing me sketches, color combinations, and asking my input. After awhile, I decided to just let go and trust...and the result was amazing. Athena's talent as an artist and practitioner made me look fresh, younger but without the look of having been "done." I was very nervous about having the result look natural and Athena delivered. I have been back for several touch-ups (included in the flat price) - e.g., I was braver to go with a slightly thicker eye liner and slightly fuller lips. Athena has a heart of gold and truly cares about her clients - she is a gem!


Natasha K.

So far it has been great. I had my brows tattooed two days ago, and they look beautiful. There is no swelling or peeling, the color is a mix of two browns and complements my skin tone nicely. I am dark blond and have always struggled to find the right color, not too cold, not too warm. That wasn't a problem for Athena, she knew exactly what i needed. By the way, she has great light in her office on the 24th floor. I had consultation with somebody else in SF, in a dark windowless place. I mean, isn't good light a requirement for this kind of work? One more thing - I wasn't very easy to work with. Very picky about the shape, I wanted to try every possible variation. Athena patiently outlined my brows with pencil and made helpful comments until I made my choice. Athena charges more than in some other locations, but for the price she offers a year of unlimited touch ups, and i definitely see value in this approach. It takes some time of living with new brows to see if slight changes of shape or tone are wanted. It's all personal preference and I am glad that there is no rush to make this decision.


Kona G.

I am a married male. I sought Athena out to to get a masculine male enhancement. Eyebrows were done with strokes under my hairs. My eyebrows have a thicker, richer look. Lower eyelids had small light dots and the upper eyelids stroked under the lashes, so it does not look feminine at all. My eyes now have a deeper, rounder look. My natural color was added back to my lips to replace loss color and create a younger look. What's good about it is that you  can start out on the first visit with a light color. Additional visits is included in the price, if you need it darker. I must say Athena did a great job and my wife thinks that I look younger. Nobody has given me the stare down and notice it. They do notice something, but the comment is that I look good.


Ellert M.

Permanent makeup is for men too!  My wife has been a client of Athena's for several years with amazing, subtle and time-saving results.  I had accompanied her to several appointments during one of which I mentioned my thinning outer eyebrows to Athena.  After a consultation I decided to have her fill them in.  Much to my amazement, not only did they look natural, but the procedure seems to have stimulated new growth.  Seeing the results, I took another leap and had her tattoo "invisible eyeliner" on my upper eye lids.  Once again, the results are subtle and like my eyebrows, the process seems to have stimulated eyelash growth.  Finally, I had her add some color to my bottom lip which had all but disappeared with age.  She did an amazing job.  No one would have a clue that I had any of this work done, but I am definitely happy with the results.  I recommend her to anyone who would like to improve their appearance


Sue S.

Athena is a true professional.  As a bartender in San Francisco she assured me that I"d notice a difference in my tips.  I"ve only had my first session and not even my follow up sessions yet and already I've calculated a 12% increase. Wow!! not bad.  can't wait to see how much my tips improve after my follow up.  What can I say, Athena's services pay for themselves!


Astrid L.

The woman walks on water!  For years I have wrestled with the idea of permanent cosmetic work, finally got my courage up based on recommendations.  I had some eyebrow work done (I dive, they used to just disappear in the water), and while there watched Athena do lip work on some other clients.  So I had her do lip work on me as well, and I am thrilled with the results.  She is a real pro, has an excellent eye for what is possible, what will be flattering.   I cannot comment on price range since I am too much of a chicken to go to someone who is not highly recommended- so price comparison did not even enter the equation


Kaya V.

Athena Karsant is nothing short of amazing! Since my college years, I have opted to save both time and the frustration of attempting to compensate for my lack of eyebrows through having both my eyebrows and eyeliner applied by a variety of permanenet make up artists. After a terrible mishap  with a so called professional permanent make up artist in Europe (I'm European), I sought out help from a leading laser dematologist in Sacramento in hopes of correcting the mishap. Unfortunately, despite the doctor's best efforts, remnants of my terrible eyeliner tatoo persisted. Out of concern that further laser treatments may effect the growth of my eyelashes, the doctor regrettably recommended no further treatments. Later, through a friend, I was recommended to go see Athena Karsant, and I cannot tell you how pleased I am that I took her advice. The woman is nothing short of a miracle worker! She corrected the problem, and my permanent make up has never ever looked better. Though her prices are a good deal more expensive than others, there really is no comparison when it comes to the professionalism, time, care, and perfectionism that Athena puts into her work. You really do have to see it to believe it. I truely have the deepest respect and gratitude for what she has done for my appearance.


Linda M.

Caution!!!  Athena's artistry in permanent makeup is addictive.  Originally I was referred to Athena by a friend who had her eyeliner done.  I began with eyeliner and subsequently had my eyebrows and lips also done.  What a relief not to spend a half hour every day applying make up.  And, better yet, what a relief to know it will stay in place and not bleed when the weather is hot and muggy. One of the things I like about Athena is that she errors on the side of subtlety with her work.  You can always make it more dramatic and she will work with you over the course of one year to achieve the look you desire. If you spend any amount of time in front of mirror to apply eyeliner or eyebrow pencil, do yourself a favor and see Athena.  You won't regret it. In addition, my husband accompanied me to one of my appointments and mentioned to Athena how sparse his outer eyebrows were. She touched them up and not only do they look great, the hair has regrown.  He swears by her work as do I.


Evelyn H.

Fabulous artistic skills, years of professional and academic experience, highly regarded by the medical community, magnetic personality, and always puts her client's best interests first.  Those are just some of the qualities that make Athena, hands down, the best of the best in the area of permanent makeup. After hours and hours of reading up on numerous companies on the internet, I found Athena.  She had by far the most qualifications and professional referrals than anyone I could find.  Although you pay a premium for her work, you have the ability to ease into your new look and build it up as you need over a few visits.  Also - we're talking putting something on your face PERMANENTLY people!!! This is not the kind of thing you go bargain shopping for!  There are Technicians and then there are Artists.  Athena is both and with years of experience!  I didn't know how important that was until I arrived for first appointment...  Low and behold the first person I see when I walked into Athena's office was a woman in tears, who had her eye brows tattooed a week before at another location.  They were a disaster!  (Too arched and the wrong color for her complexion)  I was so impressed by Athena's empathic and non pushy approach.  She showed the woman ways to correct the color and shape with make-up, and recommended she consider waiting a few weeks for the color to settle and to see if over time she grew accustomed to her brows before having them repaired. That was it for me. Right then I knew I'd made the right decision by choosing Athena! I had my eye brows and upper and lower eyelids lined that day.  I'm very fair skinned and not into wearing a lot of make-up, so Athena's approach of gradually layering color over several weeks is exactly what I needed.  After 3 visits I couldn't be happier!  I have amazing natural looking eyebrows and eye liner.  Now with just a little mascara and blush and I'm out the door. And as for the woman with the botched eye brows?  She came back a few weeks later and had Athena reshape and correct the color, at the same time doing her lips and eye liner.  By the photos she looked fabulous!  Another very happy customer. Don't hesitate to call her up. You can't go wrong with Athena!


Maria R.

Athena is amazing!  She did the most beautiful work on my face.  I had only half my eyebrows from excessive plucking as a teenager.  Everyday I would have to paint them in.  After a few hours inevitably they had rubbed off.  Athena tattooed little tiny hairstokes with a single needle to permanently, naturally and beautifully restore my brows to better than original condition.  She also did some background color on my lips.  She is a true artist with a great sense of color and what flatters the face.  She is expensive but when it comes to PERMANENT makeup on your face - it's totally worth it.  I wish I had done this years ago. Thank you Athena!!!!


Miranda N.

My main reason for pursuing permanent makeup was not to save time... it was to look decent after showering, hot tubbing, swimming, or upon waking. My brows were ultra-light, practically invisible. What I found with Athena is that she has considerable aesthetic sensibilities. She improved the shape of my brows. Yesterday, I had her do my eyeliner. It was quite a bit more tolerable than I expected. What a surprise...not painful, really. She has the best numbing stuff. Sounds goofy to say but now I'm prepared to cry without concern for ruining my makeup! So bring on the tear-jerker movie dates! When it comes to making permanent changes to your face, you are definitely doing the right thing by reading reviews. I think Athena's at the top of the A-list for this kind of work. Tip: ask her about where to park. Big diff in cost. PS: The time saved turned out to be a major plus (every day!).


Robyn S.

Athena is an incredibly talented artist. I would never have believed that permanent make up could be applied to look so realistic and so beautiful until I had seen it myself. I have alopecia areata, a disease that leads to hair loss and in my case the loss of my eyebrows. With the birth of my second child painstakingly applying eyebrows with make up was becoming impossible. I just didn't have the time. A friend of mine got Athena's contact information for me from her mother and sister who'd had their eyebrows done by Athena and were thrilled with her work. I emailed Athena at night and she called me back first thing in the morning and went completely  out of her way to fit me into her schedule for a consultation. I was very scared, because it is my FACE after all that I was considering  tattooing! 

From the moment that I met her Athena's professionalism and expertise set me right at ease. During the consultation Athena showed me different ways of applying my eyebrows so that even if I had to wait a while to get mine done I would be in better shape using make up. When I went in to have them done, Athena took as long as we needed (in addition to a previous one hour free consult) to make sure that I had just the eyebrows that I wanted. She looked at pictures that I brought in of what my former eyebrows looked like and was infinitely patient with me. Having them done really didn't even hurt that much. Athena kept stopping to check and make sure that I was okay and to show me what she was doing. I have had my new eyebrows for just under a week and I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with them. I just saw my friend's mom and sister today and we all stood there at this party talking about how much we love Athena and how happy we are with the work that she did for us. I have never written a review before, but I just had to let other people know how utterly pleased I am with her work. I wish someone had told me sooner that I could look this good. I would have gone years ago! I will be forever grateful to Athena for her beautiful work and for being so kind to me. Thank you Athena, you're the best!!!


Janice P.

I was recommended to Athena by my doctor in SF.  My eyebrows are sparse and over the last few years have become thinner with hair gone in certain areas of the brow.  Due to a recent surgery I now have one eyebrow that is higher than the other.  I was apprehensive about the permanent makeup because in order to look natural you must find an expert.  Athena is truly an expert.  She has corrected my brows and made "brows" for me.  They look amazing. She suggested I consider creating a lip line and filling in my lips with a beautiful rose color.  I am so happy that I had my lips done.  It makes me appear more youthful and sexy. A great decision! Athena is on the expensive side however she works until she has everything perfect and she guarantees her work for one year. Well worth the price. I highly recommend her.  She is a super nice person.


Am W.

Athena was recommended to me by an aesthetic surgeon to fix a previously done permanent make up. She was wonderful. Not only is she technically knowledgeable and easy to work with, she has an outstanding aesthetic eye. She made a huge difference in my looks and I would fly across the country to have her work on me.


Jennifer P.

I was a slave to my eyebrow pencil, very self-conscious about my lack of brows. My colorist  recommended Athena.  My brows are perfect! Perfect color, perfect shape, and no one can tell they're tattoos. Athena uses brush strokes to create a totally natural look. And, topical anesthetic to make the process painless. When I went to my first appointment, I intended only to have my eyebrows done, but then I saw a pair of fantastic lips she'd just finished for another client and had to have my lips done as well. Athena always accommodates my schedule, despite having a busy schedule herself. An added plus: she's  interesting, kind and generous.


H J.

This type of beauty treatment is not something women share too much about - but when they do Athena is always at the top of the list.  My facialist recommended her and even my dermotologist.  These people see everything!   Athena is a real pro and a wonderful person.  When you've seen all the bad jobs out there - you'll realize she's worth every penny.


Debra G.

I was referred to Athena by one of the top cosmetic dermatologists in San Francisco because years ago I was left with faded and unsuitable tattooed brows. My dermatologist was spot on... Athena is the only one that should ever near our precious faces with tattoo equipment. Her work is top class and she is an also an amazing artist. Not only does Athena make her clients feel comfortable and at ease, she will take as much time as one needs until the outcome is exactly perfect. You will leave feeling beautiful and looking like you have *natural* brows - this is coming from someone with so little hair and with a very discriminating eye! Athena's work is phenomenal, she is a wonderful person and has a book of business that is self referring - don't let her end up correcting your work, get it done the right way, the best way the first time!


Michelle J.

All I can say is Athena is AMAZING! Not only is she an artist but, a creator of masterpieces!!! I've watched her do eyebrows, lips, eyeliner, and corrective scar work! WOW, I am in awe of what she does for people and the difference she makes in their lives. Athena did work on my brows and I know it sounds hoaky but, I feel like a new person! Her work is unbelievably beautiful! If you've been thinking about permanent makeup don't waste your time or money with anyone else. I can't forget to mention her warm and loving personality! She treats me like a daughter and won't let me walk out of her office until she thinks I look perfect. Athena has 20 years of experience and it shows!


R C.

I found ATHENA after I managed to find the worst permanent make-up person on the planet.  My "suble" eyeliner looked like I was tryiing out for a Bozo The Clown contest.  Athena said she would fix it and, although it turned out to be harder than even she expected, she fixed it. Athena is very professional, dependable, honest and caring.  If you have any remedial tattoo issues, or you are considering perminent make-up of any kind, CALL HER FIRST.


Sharry M.

I first went to Athena 5 years ago to have her fix a botched eyebrow permanent makeup job.  She is an amazing artist, expert professional, up on all current techniques, runs an extremely clean office and a caring and warm person.  Athena goes the extra step of making you always feel good about yourself.  The work I have observed her perform over the years is nearly miraculous.  From permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip definition to fixing burn victims and breast cancer survivors.  Burned skin doesnt take makeup and I have seen Athena help even out skin tone and make eyes that are on different levels due to burn healing and the pulling that goes on- appear even because she adds thicker lines to one eye.  I have seen nipples redrawn after breast surgery to look perfect.  I cant say enough about all the people she has helped from simple to really complex jobs.  Shes a maestro!


Penny A.

Make up by Athena is FIRST CLASS. I travel a lot for biz & pleasure, but would not have permanent makeup done by anyone else...I only have work done while in the Bay Area. Athena takes time to make sure the colors and shapes are perfect for your face. Her motto " You can fool mother nature"...perfect! I've seen many other permanent makeup jobs...never as good

and natural as Athena’s.


Sameer S.

Im a 24 yr old male thats been suffering from alopecia since the age of 4. I have been penciling my eyebrows in.Its really frustrating and embarassing having to use make up to have eyebrows for a guy. I felt so self-concious walking around and doing daily routines. I couldnt even look up when walking,thats how embarassed i felt. I did a lot of research about having something done about my eyebrows. After my detailed research, I can confidently say that I have found the one person that has undoubtedly changed my life and the way i feel about myself. Her name is Athena Karsant. I visited her and felt so comfortable right away. She was really warm hearted and listened to everything I had to say and didnt rush through anything. She took her time and the entire process was completely painless. I cannot begin to tell you how great my eyebrows look now. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. No one would ever think i have lost my eyebrows. If you’re looking to have any cosmetic tattoing done for yourself, whatever it may be, you will not regret going and seeing her. Shes a professional and an artist!! If youre wondering about the price, it was a little expensive, but then again, PERFECTION HAS ITS PRICE!!!!



Getting out of bed seemed like a chore, but the thought of navigating my way to the gym through the dark was only that much more daunting. My energy levels continued to sink, and I knew that if I didn’t find a way to get a workout into my busy daily schedule, I might not only loose the battle, but the war, too. Not only did I feel like a lug, I looked tired, too. I took no pleasure in things I once enjoyed, and it showed. My life has changed when my only child went away to college, and suddenly it was as though I had no role in the world. Even my job, which was often my sole source for intellectual stimulation and social interaction ceased to be of interest, and seemed mundane and without purpose. I was in a rut and the steps to climb out from under seemed too steep a price to pay. After a physical to rule out any possible health issues, I knew it was up to me to find myself again. Was there an incentive I could offer myself to do what I knew needed to do to save myself from drowning in a sea of self pity? Athena and I have been associates for a number of years. Never one to hold back, she frankly discussed certain issues about my appearance that might be affecting me emotionally and physically. Admitting that this could be a possibility was the first step toward gaining back some control in my life. After I finished my personal consultation and began the sessions for permanent makeup, I immediately started to take an interest in my appearance, something I hadn’t done for ages. Her artistry was evident - the haggardness was disappearing more with each session. I began to not only take notice, but truly believed that there was a light at the end of this tunnel. Getting up and going to the gym, already looking great, made it so much easier to face those early morning workouts. My interest in my own life was returning! What has been so fascinating during this process is that this small step in improving my appearance has manifested itself in so many other ways throughout my life now. And other than showing up at the appointments, it required very little effort on my part. A small price to pay for a great return on an investment - in me!


Dr. Gene H. Zaglin, M.D.

Athena Karsant bills herself as a "cosmetic & paramedical tattoo specialist," but she is a compassionate goddess with the eye and hands of an artist and the knowledge of a medical specialist. Her years of experience in treating the disfiguring results of injuries or previous medical procedures make the faith that physicians, especially the plastic surgeons and dermatologists who regularly refer their patients to her, understandable and well deserved. Her fair one price approach for a year of treatments. easy access in either San Francisco or Los Angeles, and thorough preoperative prep for a painless treatment ensure the faith her clients have in her as well. And the results assure the satisfaction of both the clients and the physicians who referred her. My professional relationship with her began almost a year ago when my plastic surgeon, whom I had seen for face and neck scarring secondary to multiple medical procedures, suggested that this might be the answer to my problems. He had previously sent me to a well known San Francisco dermatologist who had tried using fraxil laser treatments on the affected areas. Not once, but on six occasions. After cost and pain yielded negligible results, he suggested that I see Athena, two floors down in the professional office building in which he practices, probably the premier private practice office site in the city. My initial consultation included reviewing photographic examples of her work. from birth defects to post-mastectomy areolar enhancement; her analysis of what could be done for me; and an initial treatment. We set up the second appointment for three weeks later. When I got home, I immediately realized that this single treatment had yielded more noticeable effects than the entire series of laser treatments. Although scurrying back and forth to her Beverly Hills office, an appointment has never been more than three weeks away. So, now, almost a year later, I make my monthly visit to her pleasant office on the 24th floor and enjoy its view of the San Francisco Bay while the numbing salve which she concocts herself does its job. After thirty to forty five minutes, perhaps spent in friendly conversation with another client being numbed. she works her magic. She takes her time artistically blending and completely camouflaging the scars, sending me on my way with my next appointment scheduled. And once again' am gladly surprised that I look better than when I arrived. If I need to change the appointment, no problem. Whether in LA or here at home in San Francisco, Athena is always there to answer her phone with appointment book in hand. Athena Karsant has my eternal gratitude for the difference she has made in my life and my unqualified recommendation for the treatment of the variety of problems and needs in which she specializes.


Joelle Jacobs, R.N.

I am one of the students who has had the pleasure and opportunity of studying permanent makeup from Athena Karsant. Athena is an incredibly gifted, talented, professional, and hardworking technician. Over the 60 hours of training and instruction, Athena has shown me that artistry and creating balance and design of the face through tattooing is the most important perspective of approaching your work. She has also taught me the many different aspects of tattooing, including the different machines, equipment and why she uses what she does, saving me years of trial and error. She has taught me about business and client relationships, paperwork, ethics, and set me up with vendor contacts. She watched me work, never judging me, always supportive and encouraging. Her patience endless, and her attitude always positive and professional. Athena will always be my mentor and my goal. She has inspired me to do quality work, not quantity, to always focus on good work and the rest will come. With Athena's guidance, my confidence has grown, my skills are constantly being perfected, and my business is blossoming. I feel so fortunate and blessed to have received the type of training that I have with Athena. I know that I have been given the proper instruction to lay a firm foundation for years to come.


Kate Warner

I became a client of Athena Karsant after doing rigorous research and consulting with medical professionals as referral sources. I had hoped to obtain correction of a congenital issue for years, but was hesitant because the process was permanent, and there was an appreciable risk of a bad or unacceptable outcome. My initial consultation with Ms. Karsant supported the accuracy of the research and the referrals. She was serious, professional and skilled. She explained her billing and fee structure right up front so that I could determine if I was financially able to proceed. After I gave my consent to the fee, she went on to fully explain not only how she would assess my specific needs, lifestyle and facial and skin structure the procedure, but she also explained how critical it was that I take be prepared to care properly for the corrections and to come in for the adjustments during the pre paid adjustment period. Her presentation was professional and thorough. If it had not been for the experience that she brought to the process before I even walked in, I would not have engaged her. Before we even began the numbing process, I knew what she would be doing where and how she would be doing it, and why she had elected that particular approach for me over others. My input was requested, and I believe it was given due consideration. I paid $5,000 for the first service I came in for and did not need any follow up for that. I was very satisfied with my results. I have had other procedures done since then and for each of those, took advantage of the two pre-paid follow up appointments. The results for all the procedures were well worth the price. Even more important than that cost though, is what I saved in terms of getting a botched job and chasing corrections and not having to suffer the embarrassment that I would have had if I had obtained the process from a less experienced, artistic and skilled practitioner. They are out there 

and their work is frightening. I have been in Ms. Karsant's presence when clients with botched jobs came in to thank her for helping them and have heard from them first hand the amount of angst, time and money spent before they fount Ms. Karsant and finally got their procedure done well. Over the years I have referred and accompanied a few others to Ms. Karsant. I have been present (in an adjacent numbing station) when she has had the initiating conversations with prospective new clients. I was impressed that her presentation did not vary appreciably from the one I received. On one occasion that I recall after the preliminary fixed fee payment requirement was discussed, the client decided that they were not able to pay the fixed fee for the service, and there was no issue, pressure or rancor when they elected not to proceed with the rest of the initiating consultation. In sum, Ms. Karsant impressed me as a responsible and caring professional, who keeps her word, and does exactly what she says she'll do. Her services can't be broken down into price-able elements; each is an essential part of the whole and they are all part of the entire effect that she achieves for clients.



I’m a 24 yr old male that’s been suffering from alopecia since the age of 4. I have been penciling my eyebrows in. Its really frustrating and embarrassing having to use make up to have eyebrows for a guy. I felt so self-conscious walking around and doing daily routines. I couldn’t even look up when walking; that’s how embarrassed I felt. I did a lot of research about having something done about my eyebrows. After my detailed research, I can confidently say that I have found the one person that has undoubtedly changed my life and the way I feel about myself. Her name is Athena Karsant. I visited her and felt so comfortable right away. She was really warm hearted and listened to everything i had to say and didn’t rush through anything. She took her time and the entire process was completely painless. I cannot begin to tell you how great my eyebrows look now. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. No one would ever think I have lost my eyebrows. If you’re looking to have any cosmetic tattooing done for yourself, whatever it may be, you will not regret going and seeing her. She’s a professional and an artist!! If you’re wondering about the price, it was a little expensive, but then again, PERFECTION HAS ITS PRICE!



If you are looking for permanent make-up through a very professional, caring individual, then you have found the right person. I have been a client of Athena's for along time and I have always trusted her judgment. During my last visit Athena noticed some light spots on my lower lip. She chose to be cautious and have them checked by my dermatologist before we went ahead with the lip color. I am so glad that she did. As it turned out I have skin cancer on my lower lip and am now going through a course of chemotherapy treatments. Luckily it was caught very early, and after this treatment, I should be fine. If Athena had not had such a high degree of integrity, and cared so much for her clients, I might have gone much longer before seeing the dermatologist. It might have been to late at that point. No wonder so many Dermatologists and Cosmetic Surgeons refer their patient's to Athena.






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