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Many of the world's most renowned doctors and plastic surgeons refer their patients to Athena for cosmetic and corrective tattooing procedures. Most cosmetic tattooists do not have doctors that refer to them; a few have a handful of doctors that refer their patients to them. However, we have not found anyone in the industry with as many world renowned doctor endorsements as Athena.

Athena's Doctor's Endorsements

I have known Athena professionally for eight years and I have referred her the most difficult cases and ones that I did not have any hope in making any improvements and every time she has proven me wrong.  She has the touch and the eye for what she does and I will continue to refer my patients to her.


Dr. Andre Aboolian is an accomplished Board Certified plastic surgeon, practicing in Beverly Hills, California and specializing in aesthetic cosmetic plastic surgery. He has performed

Dr. Andre Aboolian

Endorses Athena Karsant Permanent Makeup

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surgeries for numerous contestants and winners of “The Biggest Loser,” and has made regular appearances on ABC's "Extreme Makeover." He has been featured on several TV shows and publications such as Access Hollywood, EXTRA, Access Hollywood, US Weekly, and People Magazine, Los Angeles Times, and New York Times. He has also been consecutively voted by his medical collogues in southern California to be a Super Doctor in his plastic surgery specialty. For more information, go to

Dr. Garth Fisher

Endorses Athena Karsant Permanent Makeup

To Whom It May Concern:


Re: Athena Karsant


It is my pleasure to lend professional support to the above captioned individual.


I have known and worked with Ms. Karsant professionally for over five years. Her expertise in cosmetic tattooing is unsurpassed. My confidence in her craft and art allows me to refer patients without hesitation.


Athena possesses that rare personal gift; combinations of true artistic talent with compassionate and concern for each of her clients. She has abundant energy and focus with respect to her clinical tasks. 


It is with the utmost assurance and trust that I commend her practice.


Dr. Garth Fisher is a world-renowned plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA. He has been appeared on many TV shows, including Extreme Makeover and Keeping Up With the Kardashians. For more information about Dr. Fisher, go to 


Dr. Kimberly Henry

Endorses Athena Karsant Permanent Makeup

A really good tattoo artist can do amazing things. Athena Karsant, a facial tattoo artist who works with us, is located in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and she can cover up scars very well... if you want an alternative to surgery. If you'd like to see her work, her website is


Dr. Kimberly A. Henry offers premier plastic surgery in the San Francisco area characterized by the highest standards of medical excellence and professionalism 

combined with personal warmth and a genuine, caring attitude. Dr. Henry has been a guest on numerous national and local television and radio news shows and is a frequent guest speaker for local community organizations discussing plastic surgery advancements in San Francisco. For more information on Dr. Henry, go to

Dr. Robert Kachenmeister

Endorses Athena Karsant Permanent Makeup

Ms. Karsant has been working out of my office over the past several years (2003), helping my patients in many different avenues. She handles all my post-breast reconstruction cases with areolar restoration, as well as scar camouflage. She also takes care of my cosmetic patients who desire permanent make-up for brows, lips, and eyes.


Athena has always maintained a very professional level with my patients and she continues to strive to offer the very best to my 

patients. I would refer her highly to any of my colleagues.


Dr Kachenmeister is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He graduated Cum Laud in 1983, was name Who’s Who in American College and University in 1987, and was named Surgery Resident of the Year in 1990. Dr. Kachenmeister’s Plastic Surgery Associates of Orange County are leading providers of plastic and reconstructive surgery in Orange County and surrounding areas. For more information on Dr. Kachenmeister, go to

Dr. Andrea Korff

I offer any of your perspective clients my highest recommendation of your services. Your professional skills and enthusiasm for the art of permanent makeup is extraordinary. I am very grateful to you for your patience and particularly for your propensity for setting high standards in your work. You are a caring, sweet person and a talented technician.


Dr. Corey Maas

Endorses Athena Karsant Permanent Makeup

Having Athena Karsant as a part of our aesthetic care team has been tremendously beneficial for our patients.


Ms. Karsant is an expert clinician in the fine art of cosmetic tattooing - this specialty requires great skill and artistry.


We are proud to have Ms. Karsant and her services available to our patients and we have great confidence in her managing our referrals.


Board-certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery as well as the American Board of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, San Francisco plastic surgeon Dr. Corey S. Maas is one of the most highly regarded and sought-after facial plastic surgeons in the world. He is regularly featured in newspapers, television broadcasts, and magazines, from San Francisco Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery Times to Vogue and Allure. For more information on Dr. Mass, go to

Dr. Gary Miller

I have known Ms. Athena Karsant for many years, both socially and through the medical community. I am very familiar with her work. She has created beautiful faces for many of my patients as well as performing corrective eye brow work on my lovely wife. We both are thrilled with the results.


Dr. Peter Panagotacos

Endorses Athena Karsant Permanent Makeup

This letter is to introduce Ms. Athena Karsant. I was privileged to work with her in several capacities.


While looking for office space she graciously made herself available in my practice. She did all the cosmetic tattooing as well as learning to assist me in hair transplant surgery.


When she found her own facility, I truly felt a real loss in my staff family. She is welcome in my office anytime.


For over 40 years Dr. Peter Panagotacos has specialized in both surgical and medical treatments for hair loss at his dermatology practice in San Francisco. He is well respected within the medical community for his technical skill, conservative treatment philosophy, and surgical artistry. For more information on Dr. Panagotacos, go to


Dr. James Anthony

Endorses Athena Karsant Permanent Makeup

Athena has consistently provided personalized, caring, and extremely professional care to my patients for many years. In my 20 years of practice as a plastic surgeon, I have never met anyone with Athena’s skills. Her expertise in tattooing, scar treatments, and skin color camouflage is unrivaled. Athena complements her artistic and professional talents with a friendly personality so that my patients feel confident and at ease. Most impressive to me has been the way in which Athena works to 

achieve the best results for each patient, providing individualized care and wonderful results.


Dr James Anthony has been voted by other doctors as one of the Top Doctors in America every year since 1999. One of America’s “Top Surgeons” since 2002. He was voted one of the Best Surgeons in The Bay Area, the top SF Doctor in Marin Magazine (Feb, 2012), listed as a San Francisco Super Doctor for 2012 and recognized as one of America’s Top Surgeons in 2012. For more information go to


Dr. Dore Gilbert

Endorses Athena Karsant Permanent Makeup

I was privileged to meet Athena Karsant when she agreed to demonstrate her permanent cosmetic tattooing technique in my facility and graciously allowed my staff members to observe. I was immediately impressed with her professional behavior, flawless technical style and artistic skill. She has a true "artistic eye."


Dr. Gilbert is the Medical Director of Newport Dermatology & Laser Associates in Newport Beach, CA, where he has been in practice since 1979, specializing in general

and cosmetic dermatology, and the latest in state-of-the art laser and light dermatology. For more information about Dr. Gilbert, go to


Dr. Michael Glafkides

Endorses Athena Karsant Permanent Makeup

I am writing to let you know how grateful I am for the wonderful care you have given to my Breast Reconstruction patients.


I know that when they come to you for the finishing touches to tattoo their reconstructed breasts, they will be treated with care and sensitivity.


Our patients come back to our office thoroughly thrilled with their results and find your touch with artistry very skillful and 



Thank you again for the time you spend with my patients and I appreciate the attention to detail with your work.


Dr. Glafkides is a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. Former Chief of Plastic Surgery at Mills-Peninsula Hospitals, his specialized training and skills encompass cosmetic surgery of the face and body, comprising procedures such as Breast Augmentation, Breast Reconstruction and Reduction, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Eyelid Surgery, and Facelifts. For more information on Dr. Glafkides, go to

Dr. Brian Kinney

Endorses Athena Karsant Permanent Makeup

This letter is written in recommendation of Athena Karsant who I have known for (several) year. 


She has provided cosmetic micropigmentation services to my patients and was originally referred to my practice by Timothy J. Marten, MD, a colleague of mine from San Francisco. She is highly regarded in the Bay Area and has a client list of professionals, business people and those well-known in the arts and entertainment industries. 


Our patients have been highly satisfied with Athena’s work, her artistic eye, expert care and excellent bedside manner. our office staff, Dr. Aaron Stone, my associate and I all enjoy working with her very much. She is friendly, courteous, hard-working, reliable and competent. 


I give her an outstanding recommendation.


Dr. Brian Kinney’s plastic surgery practice in Beverly Hills provides innovative plastic surgery procedures, skin care treatment and quality care. Dr. Kinney is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has received medical training by such esteemed academic institutions as MIT, UCLA and Harvard University. For more information on Dr. Kinney, go to


Dr. Timothy Marten

I have known and worked with Athena for over ten years during which time she has provided the highest quality cosmetic micropigmentation services to my patients. Athena is widely regarded as one of the pre-eminent providers of permanent cosmetics in North America and her client list includes a mix of high-end business and professional people, high profile political figures, and well-known people from the arts and entertainment industries from around the world. Athena is also an expert at revising poorly done cosmetic tattoos, and treats a variety of very difficult reconstructive cases.


Patient satisfaction with Athena’s work has always been very high. She has an artistic eye, she is empathetic and supportive, and has a gentle and caring touch. On a personal level I have also enjoyed working with her very much. She is a serious professional with a mind for business, and she is reliable, committed, trustworthy, and hard working.


Athena receives my highest recommendation without reservation, and she is the kind of person I would want to care for a family member or me. I am confident that you will benefit richly in association with her. I encourage you to consult with her regarding any permanent cosmetic, cosmetic tattoo revision, and reconstructive micropigmentation services you might need.


Dr. Timothy Marten is an internationally renowned Plastic Surgeon in San Francisco, CA. The Marten Clinic has been designated one of the top 10 plastic surgery clinics in the world.


Dr. Stanley Poulos

Endorses Athena Karsant Permanent Makeup

I am a Board-certified Plastic Surgeon in Private Practice in Marin County, California. As a surgeon with more than 20 years of experience in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, I see many patients requiring or having had paramedical micropigmentation procedures. This is especially common for correction of scars after breast surgery or nipple areolar restoration following breast reconstruction.


It is my pleasure to recommend Ms. Karsant as

an expert technician in regard to these procedures. I have had the opportunity to observe patients whom she has treated and the results are excellent. I recommend her without reservation to my patients requiring micropigmentation.


A board-certified practicing plastic surgeon for over twenty-five years, Dr. Stanley G. Poulos, M.D. is truly a plastic surgery specialist. In addition to co-founding Plastic Surgery Specialists, Dr. Poulos holds positions at Marin General Hospital and Greenbrae Surgery Center. For more information on Dr. Poulos, go to

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