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Ashlee Wilson Hawn

I live in Atlanta, GA, and fly to Beverly Hills to see Athena. I did a lot of research online to find someone who could fix a scar on my leg from a childhood accident. I must have looked at a dozen websites for before and after photos, client testimonials, doctor endorsements, credentials and more to make my decision. I chose Athena Karsant because her website, portfolio and doctor endorsements exceeded my every expectation. When I initially spoke to her on the phone, she asked why I didn't choose to see someone closer to home and I told her, "There are no Athena's in Atlanta." I am thrilled with the work that she has done on my scar, and I couldn't be happier with my decision to fly across the country to see her. When it comes to beauty treatments and services, I only choose the best!


Ashlee Wilson Hawn is a former Miss Georgia Teen and star of the Style Network show Big Rich Atlanta. She is also the founder and CEO of Boss Babe Body. For more information about Ashlee go to For more information on Boss Babe Body go to

Cynthia Harmon Dawson

You can't go wrong with Athena! Her knowledge and artistry are head and shoulders above the rest! I'll recommend her to anyone for any procedure!


Cynthia Harmon Dawson is a model, entrepreneur and actress from movies like The Wolf of Wall Street, The Hangover Part III, and the TV show Desperate Housewives. She is also the Managing Partner of Primp and Blow - The Premier Blow Dry Bar.

Diane Nichols

Athena is an artist. I'm allergic to eye makeup, so she gave me some subtle permanent eyeliner. She also does wondrous things with scars and boo boos.


She is an artist. She does both her cosmetic and medical tattooing at a level and concentration of a surgeon.


Diane Nichols is a comic and has been featured on "The Tonight Show" "The David Letterman Show" "HBO" & "Politically Incorrect". 

Newsweek Magazine called Diane "a slick pro with flawless timing ... the heroine to the nine-to-fiver crowd!" For more information on Diane go to

Deborah DePiano

I pride myself in only using the very best products for my skin and recommending the very best products for my clients, so naturally I would only visit the very best permanent makeup artist in the industry, Athena Karsant. Her attention to detail is exquisite and her technique and artistry are impeccable. I highly recommend Athena Karsant to my clients and to anyone who is seeking permanent makeup or scar camouflage. 


Deborah DePiano is a celebrity skin care expert whose services have been praised in many publications such as Vogue, New Beauty, Allure and more. In 2012, she was chosen as the official Skin Care Ambassador for the Be Well

 Expo in Los Angeles and has successfully treated thousands of clients who seek her professional services from all over the world. With her long list of celebrity and high profile clients, Deborah DePiano is known as “The Face Behind The Faces!” For more information on Deborah go to

Tanya Tucker

You too can fool Mother Nature! Call Athena!


Tanya Tucker is a Grammy Nominated Country Music Legend. Her hit songs include "Delta Dawn," "What's Your Mama's Name," "Blood Red and Goin' Down," "Lizzie and the Rainman," and "Strong Enough To Bend." For more information on Tanya go to

Justin Jedlica

I'm a very public figure in the entertainment field of Reality TV. Working in this field requires that I look my very best on-camera as well as in person. 


After a series of cosmetic & reconstructive surgeries, I had several issues where scars were visible throughout my hairline and scalp. I had done everything possible to minimize these scars via plastic surgeries & procedures and still the the loss of hair around these incisions left me very self conscious. 


Originally I was referred to Athena Karsant, the cosmetic camophlage tattoo artist of by several prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeons, to aid in "masking" these post-surgical issues. Athena and her staff acted professionally, with care, sympathy and discretion. Her dedication to her craft and artistry was 

apparent after just one treatment. She explained that masking these incisions would be a multi-step process. She always made herself available and acted with diligence to make sure I was comfortable with the end result. Athlena has restored my sense of confidence and resolved the issues that previously plagued me. I would endorse Athena's skills to anyone seeking scar camophlage or permanent makeup. I can't speak highly enough of her. Athena is one of Hollywood celebrities' best kept secrets.


Justin Jedlica, nicknamed "The Human Ken Doll," is a Reality TV Star known for his many cosmetic procedures. He has been on numerous TV shows discussing his quest for perfection, including Botched, The Doctors, Oprah, My Strange Addiction, and many more. He is an expert consultant in the process of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. For more information on Justin, please go to

Sharrie Williams

Athena Karsant, like my great uncle, Tom Lyle Williams, is a Master of Before and After Perfection... and that's what Maybelline is all about. 


Sharrie Williams is the author of The Maybelline Story and a direct descendant of the Maybelline Family. Her website,, has had millions of readers and tracks the history of the Maybelline Family and Company.

Darnell Cox

I am so happy to have found Athena Karsant! I am in the beauty industry myself, and I am often searching for ways to look younger and fresher. Permanent eye-liner is one of the BEST things I’ve done! As we age, we lose lashes, definition, and makeup just doesn’t stay put like it used to. I’ve found that having my eyeliner done by Athena not only shortened my morning routine, but it also keeps me looking refreshed any time of day or night. 


Darnell Cox is the founder of Live Young Lifestyle, which is a website and blog dedicated to beauty, health, and fitness. The focus is on attacking the aging process from every angle - in mind, body, and spirit. For more information on Darnell and Live Young Lifestyle, go to

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