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Hair Transplant Scar Camouflage

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One of the solutions that many men have turned to when they experience hair loss is hair transplant surgery. For many, this is the perfect solution. For others, it may lave an unsightly scar on the back of their head. Athena has the ability to combine her expertise in medical needling and hair follicle simulation to create the perfect solution to hair transplant scars. 

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Mike U.

Athena is the best, fun in the office and she knows what she's doing! I literally could not be happier about my scar after she took care of me!


I originally came to Ms. Athena Karsant in the fall of 2007. I had scars with crosshairs across the back of my head from hair transplant surgery. She has done an excellent job working on marks that were so extensive. The improvement in the scars has made me feel better about my appearance. As she had told me when we started, the work took a long time. Besides being a talented artist, she has been very professional. I would highly recommend her.



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