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Athena's special eyebrow technique is praised by all of her clients. She customizes each and every eyebrow shape, color and design to fit each and every client - down to each individual hair stroke.  Do you want your eyebrows to look tattooed on? Neither does Athena! The running joke in the office is that you can't tell which eyebrow hair is real or tattooed. So if you would like to Fool Mother Nature and Wake Up With Makeup, book your complimentary consultation now!

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Anita L.

My niece and I both went to Athena for our eyebrows ~ we parked directly across the street ( first two hours free) easy in and out! The office was extremely clean and Athena and her staff were very welcoming and caring. We were seated in very comfortable and ergonomic lounge chairs with the necessary supportive pillows. Athena took time to explain the entire process and we both felt more and more relaxed as time passed. Athena is extremely talented as well as creative, and is truly an extraordinary artist! I never anticipated being this relaxed during a tattooing process but Athena is a very gentle soul but also lots of fun! Looking forward to my next appointment!


Andrea F.

I flew in from Phoenix, AZ after a friend of mine had Athena do her eyebrows.  Athena is an amazing artist and I am so happy with my results. She has a keen eye for what shape eyebrow, arch etc..will look good with an individuals face shape. The color she chose for my brows was perfect!  
 Besides being amazing at her work, Athena  has a warm personality and makes you feel at ease with the procedure. She goes above and beyond as far as client care.  She followed up with me the evening of my procedure to check-in to make sure I didn't have any other questions.  It didn't hurt at all, and I can't wait to fly in for my touch-up visits.  Thanks, Athena..You are the best!

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