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Eyeliner/Eyelash Enhancement

Athena's approach to eyeliner is very unique and customized per every individual. Some clients request a more natural look which gives the illusion of more eyelashes, while others desire eyeliner so they are not a slave to their eye makeup in the morning. It is not uncommon for clients to lose mobility in their hands as they age - so the daily task of drawing eyeliner on every morning becomes an undesired chore. Wake up looking fabulous!

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Athena really is the "Goddess" of permanent make up.  I sought her out after seeing the results my friend had following a lip treatment.  I am serious when I tell you I didn't believe her lips were tattooed at all, period.  It's a few years later and her lips are still to be envied...I had my eyeliner & lips done and the experience changed my life!  I wear bifocals - I couldn't see to properly apply eye make up, even with a 15X magnification mirror.  Now I can go confidently into public - often with no make up at all.  That is saying alot for a fair skinned, light haired woman of a 'certain age' - OK so I'm 61; that doesn't mean I can't steal back some of the confidence aging has spirited away.  I was impressed by Athena's warm personality and professional demeanor.  Her office is sanitary and comfortable.  So yes, I recommend Fooling Mother Nature, if you want cosmetic enhancement or need medical tattoo work.  Athena will not disappoint.


I travel between the Bay Area and the LA area for work and I have been to both of Athena's office locations. She is very accommodating and kind. She has tattooed my eyeliner and I couldn't be happier! I'm thrilled that I can wake up and not have to fuss with my eyeliner every morning! Yay! Many doctors refer to her and endorse her work (which is important to me!) Def go see her, look at her impressive portfolio, credentials, and testimonials! Thanks Athena!

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