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Burn Survivors

When someone's skin encounters fire, the top layers of the skin can die.  Depending on how deep the area is burned, the texture of one's skin can change dramatically and can become scar tissue. If someone is severely burned, skin graphs and surgeries are common. Once the body is healed, Athena is able to needle the scar tissue.

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Bobbi G.

Athena is a master at her specialty. I'm a burn survivor and had my eyebrows transplanted years ago. It took me so much time everyday to draw them in and after having Athena work on them they are perfect. I'm so happy...they look fantastic and it save me countless time and aggravation everyday :)


Lily C.
When I first heard about cosmetic tattooing, I was a bit turned away from it. Especially seeing woman with tattooed eyebrows that looked blue rather than their natural color. In 2003, I was introduced to Athena for a consultation, and the possibilities that could be done to give me back some symmetry with my eyebrows and lips. Just a quick summary of me. I am a burn survivor and have facial scarring. Athena's procedures, tattooing my eyebrows, eyelids and lips, gave me so much to my surprise. She was able to brake down scar tissue. In turn, gave my lips much more mobility. My confidence level boosted up quite significantly. More facial movement and expressions. People notice the subtle changes but could not put their finger on it. They thought I had more reconstructive surgery. FYI, I had 37 surgeries on my face only. This is minimal compared to other burn survivors surgeries. Along with being extremely blessed to be alive and healthy, I am also very grateful to have Athena 's gifted hands work on me and give something back to me that I longed to have again...a smile. Thank you.


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