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Hair Follicle Simulation

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If you are one of the 54 million men and women who are experiencing balding or thinning hair, Athena's hair follicle simulation just may be the solution for you! Using tattooing techniques, Athena has the ability to create the illusion of real hair. Many men enjoy the appearance of a buzz cut through these techniques, and many women enjoy the appearance of a fuller head of hair after Athena's work is completed. 

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Robert C.

Athena is a true life saver - I regrettably had a hair transplant ten years ago and the large scar it left on the back of my head was very visible and upsetting. I went to Athena and sought her advice on permanent make up solutions. I wanted to keep my hair cut short and diminish the scarred appearance. My first session of Athena was immediately positive, she was honest and caring. She took the time to sit with me and talk about my options, the pros and cons and listen to what it was I was trying to accomplish. As I sat in her presence I became more at ease - she truly has a calming demeanor and a very positive aura about her. She was different than any other provider i had met with. She was genuinely concerned with helping me feel comfortable and solving my problem, this was not just a sale or a service, she was interested in helping me heal and finding happiness with my appearance. If you have a scar due to a hair transplant or an accident i would highly recommend talking to Athena, the odds are she has seen your situation and has a solution. The idea of permanent make up seemed strange to me at first but as I saw more of her work I became more comfortable. I have never ventured onto the internet to recommend anything or anyone else, but the difference Athena made in my life was so positive I needed to make sure it was shared. She is the best and I am glad I came in touch with her, she truly has fixed a problem I suffered with for a long time. I know there are other guys out there who have the same issue, hair replication' simulation via cosmetic tattooing can help you with the issue. I looked all over the internet - met with multiple people' groups and ultimately chose Athena Karsant. After you are burned by a bad cosmetic procedure, you tend to do your due diligence and everything I was able to learn about Athena was positive and I am now truly grateful. Thank you Athena.

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