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Areola Repigmenation

Areola Repigmentation is the recreation of an areola and nipple area. This procedure is common for men and women who have had weight loss, surgery, breast augmentation or breast enhancement. Athena has achieved excellence in re-creating and repigmenting areolas and nipples for both men and women. Many clients (who are breast cancer survivors) have said that after their procedures are completed, they feel as if they have crossed the finish line in their healing process.

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Dr. Caroline K.
As a breast cancer survivor, I am amazed by how much better I feel about myself since getting my nipples tattooed (after double mastectomy and implant reconstruction). Athena has done a phenomenal job and has been very caring and supportive.  When I look in the mirror I no longer see a sick person; I don't mourn my breasts. Now, I feel normal - it has truly helped heal my spirit.  


Christine M.
I had a breast lift several years ago, and the highly-rated SF surgeon who did the work did NOT do a good job on my areolas. one was literally straight on one side. (don't ask, and a whole story in itself). anyway, i was told by a good friend who works with a lot of cosmetic surgeons here in SF that Athena was "the ONLY person who should do the work. period." I went in and Athena explained the fee and the procedure and that she would work on them until i was happy. she said i would need at least 3 treatments. there was huge improvement after the 3rd treatment, but i still went in so she could see and verify if i was finished. we both agreed i needed probably one more treatment. i am happy to say that i both areolas "match" and the left one no longer looks straight on the side. After a long time, and an ex-boyfriend who called me "Frankentitty" behind my back, i can say i'm totally happy with my breasts. thank you Athena!

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