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While making your decision on who will performing your cosmetic tattooing procedure, you may have some questions that you need answered first. If there are any questions that you have that are not answered on this page, please do not hesitate to email or call Athena at or 415-412-9700. We hope this helps in your decision making process.

What is​ permanent makeup?


Permanent Makeup has been around since the days of Cleopatra. It is used to enhance one's natural features such as eyebrows, lip liner, lips, eyeliner and lash enhancement. It will not smudge, smear or run at any point throughout the day. Enjoy exercising, swimming, hiking, skydiving and more - all while looking fabulous! 

Does it hurt?


This answer may vary according to each individual's pain threshold. We use only the best topical anesthetics to numb the treatment area, which greatly minimizes discomfort. Most of my clients describe it anywhere from a minor pricking (like tweezing a hair) to an awkward tickling sensation. If you are nervous about being in pain, we recommend that you stay away from caffeine and alcohol the day of your procedure, as well as anything that may thin your blood (consult with your physician if you have questions).




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Is it expensive? 


Prices vary among clients because no two procedures are completely alike. Should you have any questions regarding price, do not hesitate to set up a complimentary consultation at either office location. The price will include all required touch ups needed to achieve perfection and will allow you six months to finish your work. Remember, you get what you pay for. If you pay for cheap cosmetic tattooing, you will get the corresponding results. If you, however, look for a quality technician, you will more than likely be happy with the results that you get.


What is a touchup?​


Touch ups are needed to achieve complete perfection. All touchups will be included in the initial cost of your procedure. The tattooed color is often not perfect after the first treatment, and you may lose up to 50% of the pigment. Don't worry - this is common! Touch ups are recommended no sooner than four-six weeks after the original procedure to allow full and complete healing. No perfect procedure can be fully achieved in one visit without any downtime.


How many treatments (touchups) will I need?​


Most clients require up to three appointments within a six month period. Should you require more than three (3) touch ups, so long as you are within your six-month contract, you may be allowed additional visits at Athena's discretion.


Will I be able to go back to work the same day?


Absolutely! Athena's techniques are designed so that each client will be able to go back to work, head to a fabulous party or to have a quiet dinner with your loved ones without any real speculation as to the procedures that were just performed on you. It may look as if you have just applied a fresh coat of lipstick, eyeliner and brow pencil, but nothing more. 


If your desired treatment is scar camouflage, medical needling, hair follicle simulation or areola repigmentation, the treated area will be red and/or look irritated. If the treated area is covered (such as under clothing), then there will be no downtime (from work or social activities). If the treated are is on your face or in a visible location, you may want to schedule your procedure or touch ups in enough advance that you are not attending a wedding or special event within a week. 


How long does a procedure take?


The initial procedure/appointment will take the longest. (Roughly 2 hours) Athena will study your face (or desired treatment area) and customize the perfect procedure for you personally. The first appointment, you will be required to fill out paperwork (client history forms) and spend some time numbing. Touch ups may take up to 90 minutes per procedure (example: one (1) procedure may take 90 minutes; two (2) procedures may take 180 minutes).


Who benefits from cosmetic tattooing?


EVERYONE! Men and women! Young and mature! Come one, come all! 


Those with an active lifestyle, visual impairment, little or no brow, sparse or light eyelashes, difficulty in makeup application, unsteady or arthritic hands, and allergies to conventional cosmetics benefit greatly from permanent makeup & cosmetic tattooing.


Those who have scars resulting from accidents, trauma or surgery also greatly benefit from permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing and medical needling. 


Who benefits from medical needling?


Those with acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, fine lines, surgical scars and other scars (including scars caused by chicken pox) see outstanding results with medical needling. Read more here


How long will my permanent makeup last?


Permanent makeup can last years! Many of my clients, who follow aftercare guidelines very carefully, can get anywhere from 5 to 7 (or more) years without any touch ups. It really depends on how you take care of your procedures. 


Permanent Makeup is a semi-permanent solution. While it can last years (depending on how well you follow after care instructions), it may not last forever. It is different with every client. Permanent cosmetics are considered permanent because the pigment is tattooed directly into the dermal layer of the skin and is unable to be washed or rubbed off. Fading can and often does occur, which is why touch ups are required and included in the initial fee. Clients may choose to come back a few years later to refreshen their permanent makeup. 


Is it safe?


Cosmetic and Corrective tattooing is extremely safe so long as proper guidelines are followed. At both of our offices, all of our supplies are disposable and everything is properly discarded after every single use to eliminate any chance of cross contamination. We use the highest quality of cleaning materials and supplies to disinfect our equipment, chairs and stations. 


Recently, new laws, regulations and state laws have required a specific checklist and guidelines be fully met by the state health department for any tattoo parlor and permanent makeup studio. One of the most important factors in choosing a permanent makeup technician is that these guidelines and qualifications are perfectly met.


Are there side effects?


There are rarely any side effects. We take full precaution in disinfecting our offices, counters, stations and instruments used in both offices. In over 20 years, Athena has not seen any side effects amongst her clients. 


What if I don't like it?


One of the many things that Athena specializes in is corrective tattooing. Athena is able to correct anything that is undesired by the client. While it may take a few visits and is a big process, desired results can be achieved or removed. To avoid all possibilities of a client feeling this way, Athena works with the client closely, little by little, to make sure that nothing is done without full consent by the client. 


How should I choose a technician?


He/She should have no less than 5 years experience. 
He/She should have a professional workspace.
He/She should have real client testimonials.
He/She should be a member of the SPCP and be certified by the state. 
He/She should have referral letters from physicians and doctors.
He/She should have proof of Blood Bourne Pathogens training.
He/She should have a strong portfolio of real clients and real work.
He/She should be able to answer any questions.
He/She should have certifications and credentials handy in the office.
YOU should feel comfortable with with your permanent makeup artist. 


What is the difference between MicroArt, Permanent Makeup and Cosmetic Tattooing?


Many permanent makeup artists have been claiming that permanent makeup, micropigmentation, organic permanent makeup and MicroArt semi-permanent makeup are all different types of procedures and that micropigmentation or MicroArt semi-permanent makeup is safer than permanent makeup. Don't let anyone fool you; that is not true. They are the same exact thing. 


What is the cancellation policy?


While consultations are complimentary, a credit card is required to make an appointment. If you need to cancel your appointment, 24 hours notice must be given in order to avoid any cancellation fees. In the case of less than 24 hours notice or simply missing your appointment, a fee of $250 will be charged to your credit card on file. This is only because there is a high demand for Athena's services, and it is not fair to others who want to get in if you miss your appointment.


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