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Permanent Makeup has been around since the days of Cleopatra. It is used to enhance one's natural features such as eyebrows, lip liner, lips, eyeliner and lash enhancement. Often times, this is used as a replacement for makeup in the desired area treated.


Permanent Makeup, or Cosmetic Tattooing, can enhance a man or a woman's natural features. While cosmetic tattooing does not have to replace the application of conventional makeup, it certainly can.  Cosmetic tattooing can camouflage imperfections in the skin, minimizes scarring and looks natural!

Permanent Makeup Procedures

Wake Up With Makeup!

Thank you requesting a complimentary consultation for permanent makeup or paramedical tattooing! Someone will contact you shortly to schedule your consultation.

Permanent Makeup, Cosmetic Tattoo

Athena's special eyebrow technique is praised by all of her clients. She customizes each and every eyebrow shape, color and design to fit each and every client - down to each individual hair stroke.  Do you want your eyebrows to look tattooed on? Neither does Athena! 

Permanent Makeup, Cosmetic Tattoo

Athena's approach to eyeliner is very unique and customized per every individual. Some clients request a more natural look which gives the illusion of more eyelashes, while others desire eyeliner so they are not a slave to their eye makeup in the morning. Wake up looking fabulous!

Permanent Makeup, Cosmetic Tattoo

Whether you are losing the color or shape in your lips or you are simply sick of reapplying color all day long, Athena can create the perfect shape and customized color that suites you and your lifestyle. Do you look washed out without lip color? Permanent makeup will have you looking fabulous at all times of the day!

Corrective Tattoo, Micropigmentation

There are many permanent makeup artists and cosmetic tattooists, some of which are talented but uneducated and untrained in color theory and the study of an individual's body chemistry and undertones. Athena has over 20 years experience as a cosmetic and corrective tattoo artist and over 30 years in the beauty industry. 

Paramedical Tattoo Procedures

Paramedical Tattoo, Corrective Tattoo

When someone's skin encounters fire, the top layers of the skin can die. Depending on how deep the area is burned, the texture of one's skin can change dramatically and can become scar tissue. If someone is severely burned, skin graphs and surgeries are common. Once the body is healed, Athena is able to needle the scar tissue to try to camouflage the scars.

Medical Needling, Paramedical Tattoo, Corrective Tattoo

Medical needling, also known as Collagen induction therapy (CIT) or skin needling, is an aesthetic medical procedure that involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with very tiny, sterile needles. Medical needling is used on the skin to treat scars, deep lines, acne scars, acne pits, stretch marks and more.

Paramedical Tattoo, Permanent Makeup

Many men and women have experienced a condition called alopecia, where they lose the hair on their body. Athena has been able to successfully create eyebrows and simulate individual eyelashes to camouflage the effects of alopecia.

Hair Tattoo, Paramedical Tattoo, Corrective Tattoo

If you are one of the 54 million men and women who are experiencing balding or thinning hair, Athena's hair follicle simulation just may be the solution for you! Using tattooing techniques, Athena has the ability to create the illusion of real hair. Many men enjoy the appearance of a buzz cut through these techniques, and many women enjoy the appearance of a fuller head of hair after Athena's work is completed. 

Paramedical Tattoo, Corrective Tattoo

Many men and women are born with a cleft palate, which causes a visible scar above their lip. This can be resolved with a combination of scareffects of cleft palate. camouflage techniques and permanent makeup techniques. Athena has had a lot of success camouflaging the effects cleft palate.

Paramedical Tattoo, Medical Needling, Corrective Tattoo

Many women who have had breast augmentation, breast enhancement, or other surgeries have scars that they wish weren’t there. Athena works closely with the client to camouflage those scars with medical needling and tattooing techniques.

Paramedical Tattoo, Corrective Tattoo

Areola Repigmentation is the recreation of an areola and nipple area. This procedure is common for men and women after breastu surgery, especially for breast cancer patients. Athena has achieved excellent results in re-creating and repigmenting areolas and nipples for both men and women. Many breast cancer survivors have said that after their procedures are completed, they feel as if they have crossed the finish line in their healing process. 

Paramedical Tattoo, Medical Needling, Corrective Tattoo

One of the solutions that many men have turned to when they experience hair loss is hair transplant surgery. For many, this is the perfect solution. For others, it may lave an unsightly scar on the back of their head. Athena has the ability to combine her expertise in medical needling and hair follicle simulation to create the perfect solution to hair transplant scars. 

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