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Pigmentation Correction

Athena tells every client that taking the time to research your physician, plastic surgeon and cosmetic tattooist is imperative. It is necessary that you study the work of the doctor or technician who you desire to work on you, request to see before and after photos, testimonials, endorsements and feel completely comfortable with a common understanding of details regarding your treatment or procedure. 


One of the areas that Athena specializes in is corrective tattooing. Many world renowned doctors refer their hard cases to Athena for which she shines and amazes the referring doctors as well as clients.


It is not uncommon for clients to come to Athena's office with "permanent makeup gone wrong." Unfortunately, there are cosmetic technicians and permanent makeup artists who do not understand the ins and outs of every aspect of cosmetic tattooing and permanent makeup. A client's body chemistry, undertones, skin color, lifestyle and more are huge factors of how the procedure and treatment will be customized per each individual client. If color theory and a client's specific warm and cool undertones are not studied and approached with each individual client, pigments can change to unsightly and undesired colors. If this has happened to you - Athena can fix it! 


There are many permanent makeup artists and cosmetic tattooists, some of which are talented but uneducated and untrained in color theory, and the study of an individual's body chemistry and undertones. Athena has over 20 years experience as a cosmetic and corrective tattoo artist and over 30 years in the beauty industry. 

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Pamela Buttery

I am delighted with my "natural" eyebrows painted by Athena. I came to her Sutter Street office in deperation in early 2013. I had straggly eyebrows growing between the ruins of an 11 year eyebrow tattoo that had always been too thick and too dark. Athena was recommended by a plastic surgeon who said her work was subtle and safe. From the first consult to the last touch up nobody ever knew. Friends would tell me I looked good but never ever guessed it was because I had 'real' eyebrows back and in exactly the right place.


Dr. K.

I'm a medical professional who can now say without a doubt: Athena is the ONLY person I'll allow to work on my face. After getting permanent makeup that didn't last, I got permanent makeup from a tattoo artist who did such a bad job that I didn't know WHAT to do. I mean, it's my FACE, and I have to see patients every day! Then someone referred me to Athena, and I'm forever grateful. Not only is she removing the bad tattoo lines, but she's also redoing and perfecting it. She's the ONLY one I've heard of who can FIX botched permanent makeup. Of course, you're better off going to her in the first place, rather than needing a botched job fixed.She works in a series of sessions, which is the ONLY way to do it RIGHT. She asks what you want, then pencils it in, then deposits the tattoo dye. Then she works with you during each subsequent session to adjust and touch up the previous work, until you have a perfect, lasting result. It's crazy to think one session (from another person) will get you a great, lasting result.She's also a fabulous person. She really does care if you're happy with your results. She calls or texts you to follow up, and she tries SO hard to accommodate you when it comes to scheduling appointments (believe me -- my hours as a medical professional aren't easy to accommodate).Please learn from my experience, and go to her FIRST.


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