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Athena tells every client that taking the time to research your physician, plastic surgeon and cosmetic tattooist is imperative. It is necessary that you study the work of the doctor or technician who you desire to work on you, request to see before and after photos, testimonials, endorsements and feel completely comfortable with a common understanding of details regarding your treatment or procedure. 


One of the areas that Athena specializes in is corrective tattooing. Many world renowned doctors refer many hard cases to Athena for which she shines and amazes the referring doctors as well as clients.


It is not uncommon for clients to come to Athena's office with "permanent makeup gone wrong." Unfortunately, there are cosmetic technicians and permanent makeup artists who do not understand the ins and outs of every aspect of cosmetic tattooing and permanent makeup. A client's body chemistry, undertones, skin color, lifestyle and more are huge factors of how the procedure and treatment will be customized per each individual client. If color theory and a client's specific warm and cool undertones are not studied and approached with each individual client, pigments can change to unsightly and undesired colors. If this has happened to you - Athena can fix it! 



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Corrective Permanent Makeup

There are many permanent makeup artists and cosmetic tattooists, some of which are talented but uneducated and untrained in color theory, and the study of an individual's body chemistry and undertones. Athena has over 20 years experience as a cosmetic and corrective tattoo artist and over 30 years in the beauty industry. 


If you have a permanent makeup procedure that you want fixed, contact Athena to schedule a complimentary consultation by filling out the consultation form on this page. There has never been a permanent makeup correction that she has not been able to fix!



Your consultation request was sent successfully! Athena will get in touch with you soon… Looking forward to helping you Fool Mother Nature!

Here are just a few testimonies from Athena's clients that she has fixed bad permanent makeup procedures for.

Written Testimonials

Dr. K.

I'm a medical professional who can now say without a doubt: Athena is the ONLY person I'll allow to work on my face. After getting permanent makeup that didn't last, I got permanent makeup from a tattoo artist who did such a bad job that I didn't know WHAT to do. I mean, it's my FACE, and I have to see patients every day! Then someone referred me to Athena, and I'm forever grateful. Not only is she removing the bad tattoo lines, but she's also redoing and perfecting it. She's the ONLY one I've heard of who can FIX botched permanent makeup. Of course, you're better off going to her in the first place, rather than needing a botched job fixed.She works in a series of sessions, which is the ONLY way to do it RIGHT. She asks what you want, then pencils it in, then deposits the tattoo dye. Then she works with you during each subsequent session to adjust and touch up the previous work, until you have a perfect, lasting result. It's crazy to think one session (from another person) will get you a great, lasting result.She's also a fabulous person. She really does care if you're happy with your results. She calls or texts you to follow up, and she tries SO hard to accommodate you when it comes to scheduling appointments (believe me -- my hours as a medical professional aren't easy to accommodate).Please learn from my experience, and go to her FIRST.


Renee U.

I found Athena Karsant through a friend to correct my eyebrows. I had them done somewhere else and was left with a horrible shape and a horrible blue-black color. I have been seeing Athena to correct my eyebrows for about a year or so. My advice to you is that you go to Athena FIRST. She informed me that because my eyebrows had turned black, it would be extremely difficult to soften and remove without damaging the skin. She told me it would be a process and that I would have to commit as she would commit to me. I learned that a corrective procedure can take many visits and unfortunately has some downtime after each procedure/appointment. Any permanent makeup procedure you get should take a few appointments anyway so naturally a corrective procedure will take many appointments as well. After a year of committing to Athena's artistry she has softened my eyebrows to my liking and I am so very pleased. Go see Athena, she is the very best! I am getting so many compliments on my eyebrows! I love them!



Going somewhere else was the first mistake. Never underestimate Athena and her talent. She is the most amazing permanent makeup artist on the planet! ️ Love her & her work. 


Pam S.

I sought out Athena's help after another cosmetic tattooist tattooed my eyebrows black and made them way too big for my face. I looked terrible. Athena was able to take the black and gradually turn it brown to match my hair. Then she was able to make them smaller so that they looked like they fit my face. All of my friends, and my fiercest critic, my mother, say that they look "much better," "terrific," "great." I have Athena to thank. She is accommodating to my schedule. Thoughtful in her artistry. And dedicated to getting the best result for her clients. I highly recommend you see Athena first, before going to anyone else, so that you don't have to have Athena fix things a year later.



I would like to tell you about an amazing woman who does permanent makeup & skin/scar restorations with tattoos. I began using permanent makeup as a working mother during the 1980s, and on several occasions I used skin-toned tattoos to hide scars from surgeries and burns. After many great experience over a number of years, I finally had a horrible experience with "permanent" lip color. I was left with a thick dark line around my lips. The line looked absolutely hideous. I had to apply heavy lipstick all day long to hide it. This really bothered me since I used permanent make-up so that I never had to wear regular make-up. I called a number of people and was unhappy with the suggestions: laser removal, saline injections, it can't be removed.... Then I found Athena who completely removed the dark color with several applications of lighter colors. I also asked to "cover" several of my scars (from surgery and burns). I've been completely amazed with her technique and results. Athena really knows what she is doing. She understands how to use color and keeps the work natural looking. Her applications were the least painful and the results were the closest to perfect I've ever experienced. I am truly amazed by her ability and commitment to the quality of her work, particularly in light of the number of people doing this type of tattooing that really have no training or expertise.


Diane K.

I went to see her (Athena) to correct some permanent eyeliner that I had done in Marin. She did a great job and I have gone on to have my lips done. I am completely happy with her work; she is truly and artist. I have the highest regard not only for her work, but also her manner. It's always a blast to go and see her - and that is saying a lot since there is pain involved. She is absolutely professional and intent on doing exactly when the client wants while using effective techniques to minimize pain.


Cricha J.

Athena Beverly Hills is a permanent makeup studio operated by Athena Karsant, a board-certified permanent cosmetic professional artist. I recently went to Athena after having had an unsatisfactory result from tattooing my eyebrows at another Beverly Hills permanent makeup studio. All I can say is that Athena is amazing. My eyebrows look incredible. For the first time in my life, I have exactly the eyebrows I've always wanted - perfect shape and perfect color that STAYS. I've been there more than a couple of times, since my eyebrows don't take color very well. Not only is Athena an amazing artist - she is technically proficient and truly understands the balance and structure of the female face. The studio itself is clean and beautiful - mirrors everywhere, great lighting and very conveniently located on Bedford in BH. Athena also does advanced permanent makeup for scar concealing and I am having her do my scars from a breast reduction. It's so great - I never thought this kind of look would be possible, particularly since I had a bad result from before. Athena uses very good topical anesthetic and she works extremely fast. I can't say enough good things about this place or about Athena. Finally, I can wake up in the morning and have fabulous-looking eyebrows!


Gaelle C.

Athena will have my loyalty forever! After a disastrous lip tattoo which had turned gray, I looked like a Goth and felt disfigured! No amount of lipstick or lip liner was ever enough to cover it. A couple years ago while planning a trip to LA from Australia, I called a top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and asked if they could kindly recommend the best permanent make up artist to correct my terrible gray lips. They were happy to refer me to Athena Karsant in Beverly Hills. As I walked into the lovely tattoo studio I was greeted with genuine warmth and compassion. After looking at before/after photos I knew I was in the right place! She did a fantastic and painless job! My lips are now pink and rosy! I live in Australia and have been paying a visit to Athena Karsant every time I come to LA. She has never charged me an extra penny for the touch ups. Now that's customer service! To anyone looking to get permanent make up, I have one word of advice to offer: don't waste your time, go straight to the best, Athena!


Andrea B.

Athena is simply the best . I went to so many permanent makeup studios in the area. I changed from one to the others . Each time I was disappointed. Finally I found Athena Karsant 's studio and for years I be coming back . On top of her talent , she got patients and is extremely kind. She goes the extra mile to help you in any way. 


Margie P.

Athena is amazing!! I have a fair complexion with very sparse eyebrows. I had my brows down a while back (not by Athena) and the color was terrible! In addition, i have facelift scars that were very noticeable. She not only gave me beautiful eyebrows, she removed my scars, too! She is an amazing artist, very professional, and really makes you feel comfortable. She was referred to me by the one and only Dr. Tim Marten, M.D. One of, if not the best cosmetic surgeons in the world. Thank you so much Athena for giving my confidence back!


K.M. S.

I called Athena in desperation after getting horrible permanent lipliner from someone local. Not only did she stop what she was doing to counsel me over the phone, she continued to correspond with me over the next whole week, advising me how to remove the pigment and supporting me through what would have otherwise been a very traumatic experience. Thanks to her advice, I was able to remove most of the pigment, to the point that it's easy to cover with makeup for the time being, and will be so much easier to correct once my lips have had time enough to heal. I don't know too many people who would donate their professional time and expertise to counsel a complete stranger, but that's exactly what Athena did for me, and I just can't thank her enough!

Video Testimonials

Suzanne O.

After enjoying many years of cosmetic tattooing suddenly my eyebrows turned green. My dermatologist was reluctant to laser them off. So she explained to me that there are many vairables that can affect the color and referred me to Athena for color correction. Athena explained that SEVERAL treatments might be required to lift the color but whatever it took was included in her fee. I appreciate knowing exactly what it would cost to take care of these issues. I am EXTREMELY HAPPY with my brows!!!! My contract is almost up and Athena encouraged me to come back to refresh my brows for the coming year. I've enjoyed working with her. She has always explained to me what she was doing and why she was doing it. I sincerely appreciate her artistry and WOULD NOT HESITATE to refer friends and family to her. She is honest, straight forward & sincere in her approach. Thank you Athena. You are very much appreicated! I am constantly getting compliments on my perfect brows that DON'T LOOK TATTOOED!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Looking forward to getting some more permanent make-up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gaby M.

Athena is GREAT! I have had bad experiences in the past letting others tattoo my eyebrows & Atheena has been the best, she listens & is great at what she does :)


Joey S.

In the past I've had 3 different people attempt to do permanent eyeliner on me. They never got it right. I even went on a consultation to a "medical spa" and spoke to their cosmetic tatooist, who not only had an unkept appearance, but also didn't sound like she was sure what she would do for my eyeliner. I almost gave up on the procedure until a physician's office recommended Athena. I called for info and felt confident by Athena's knowledge (after 3 procedures I know what info is important), that I booked the procedure (rather than going in for consult). Her facility is very impressive - immaculate and bright (could double as an o.r.). Athena has a great bedside manner and very attentive to comfort levels during procedure. She is also the first person to offer touch-ups for a year, and is the only person to tell you right away that the first application almost always doesn't give you the final result, and expect to come back for touch-ups. Bottom line - I have the perfect eyeliner that I always wanted. I got a compliment in Nordstrom recently at a cosmetic assoc. that she loved the way I applied my eyeliner! A year later I decided to have my lips done and would have no one else but Athena do the job. They look fantastic and the color is so great that I usually just wear an spf lip balm. My husband loves the way I look without "regular make-up".


Kaya V.

Athena Karsant is nothing short of amazing! Since my college years, I have opted to save both time and the frustration of attempting to compensate for my lack of eyebrows through having both my eyebrows and eyeliner applied by a variety of permanenet make up artists. After a terrible mishap with a so called professional permanent make up artist in Europe (I'm European), I sought out help from a leading laser dematologist in Sacramento in hopes of correcting the mishap. Unfortunately, despite the doctor's best efforts, remnants of my terrible eyeliner tatoo persisted. Out of concern that further laser treatments may effect the growth of my eyelashes, the doctor regrettably recommended no further treatments. Later, through a friend, I was recommended to go see Athena Karsant, and I cannot tell you how pleased I am that I took her advice. The woman is nothing short of a miracle worker! She corrected the problem, and my permanent make up has never ever looked better. Though her prices are a good deal more expensive than others, there really is no comparison when it comes to the professionalism, time, care, and perfectionism that Athena puts into her work. You really do have to see it to believe it. I truely have the deepest respect and gratitude for what she has done for my appearance.


Am W.

Athena was recommended to me by an aesthetic surgeon to fix a previously done permanent make up. She was wonderful. Not only is she technically knowledgeable and easy to work with, she has an outstanding aesthetic eye. She made a huge difference in my looks and I would fly across the country to have her work on me.


Debra G.

I was referred to Athena by one of the top cosmetic dermatologists in San Francisco because years ago I was left with faded and unsuitable tattooed brows. My dermatologist was spot on... Athena is the only one that should ever near our precious faces with tattoo equipment. Her work is top class and she is an also an amazing artist. Not only does Athena make her clients feel comfortable and at ease, she will take as much time as one needs until the outcome is exactly perfect. You will leave feeling beautiful and looking like you have *natural* brows - this is coming from someone with so little hair and with a very discriminating eye! Athena's work is phenomenal, she is a wonderful person and has a book of business that is self referring - don't let her end up correcting your work, get it done the right way, the best way the first time!


R C.

I found ATHENA after I managed to find the worst permanent make-up person on the planet. My "suble" eyeliner looked like I was tryiing out for a Bozo The Clown contest. Athena said she would fix it and, although it turned out to be harder than even she expected, she fixed it. Athena is very professional, dependable, honest and caring. If you have any remedial tattoo issues, or you are considering perminent make-up of any kind, CALL HER FIRST.


Sharry M.

I first went to Athena 5 years ago to have her fix a botched eyebrow permanent makeup job. She is an amazing artist, expert professional, up on all current techniques, runs an extremely clean office and a caring and warm person. Athena goes the extra step of making you always feel good about yourself. The work I have observed her perform over the years is nearly miraculous. From permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip definition to fixing burn victims and breast cancer survivors. Burned skin doesnt take makeup and I have seen Athena help even out skin tone and make eyes that are on different levels due to burn healing and the pulling that goes on- appear even because she adds thicker lines to one eye. I have seen nipples redrawn after breast surgery to look perfect. I cant say enough about all the people she has helped from simple to really complex jobs. Shes a maestro!

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