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I would like to tell you about an amazing woman who does permanent make-up & skin/scar restorations with tattoos. I began using permanent make-up as a working mother during the 1980s, and on several occasions I used skin-toned tattoos to hide scars from surgeries and burns.

After many great experiences over a number of years, I finally had a horrible experience with "permanent" lip color. I was left with a thick dark line around my lips.

the line looked absolutely hideous. I had to apply heavy lipstick all day long to hide it. This really bothered me since I used permanent make-up so that I never had to wear regular make-up.

I called a number of people and was unhappy with the suggestions: laser removal, saline injections, it can't be removed....

Then I found Athena who completely removed the dark color with several applications of lighter colors. I also asked her to "cover" several of my scars (from surgery and burns). I've been completely amazed with her technique & results.

Athena really knows what she is doing. She understands how to use color and keeps the work natural looking. Her applications were the least painful and the results were the closest to perfect I've ever experienced. I am truly amazed by her ability and commitment to the quality of her work, particularly in light of the number of people doing this type of tattooing that really have no training or experience.





Thank you requesting a complimentary consultation for permanent makeup or paramedical tattooing! Someone will contact you shortly to schedule your consultation.

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