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I must admit that the concept of a facial tattoo made me quite nervous, but I finally contacted Athena about 10 months ago, and she's done a terrific job! It's actually been more involved and dradual process than I anticipated, as I've seen her at her Beverly Hills office for a total of 10 visits. She suggested a very conservative strategy at the outset, which I definitely appreciated. She started by dry needling the scar and surrounding skin, which she thought would itself improve pigmentation and help fill in the scar, which remains somewhat furrowed. She repeated this on a monthly basis for the next four visits, and I can honestly say that the scar filled in to a measurable extent with this, and the hypopigmentation also improved. Since then, she has applied a very modest amount of skin toned pigment over three sessions and has achieved a near-perfect blend between the scar area and normal surrounding skin. In my final two visits with her, she applied a few scattered ultra-fine stokes of dark brown pigment to emulate hair follicles. These are essentially indistinguishable from my other facial hairs and, along with the normalized skin tone, defintiely make the scar area far less obvious.

Athena is an artist. Beyond that, she goes out of her way to achieve the best possible cosmetic results and was extremely compassionate with me. I would certainly recommend her without hesitation to other patients that could benefit from micropigmentation. The scar is still not perfect, nor will it ever be, but for Athena's part, it's now far more acceptable.





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