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I recently had a donor scar covered by a permanent make up artist in San Francisco - Athena Karsant. It looks good - i dont have any pictures, but if you live in this area I was happy with her work, i would highly recommend her. I had 3 hts done over ten years ago - i actually had the plugs laser removed and it looks fine on the top of my head - so i wanted to keep my sides and back short - but i had the long scar - ear to ear - i now can take it down to about a 1.5 on the clipper - I have yet to tried to take it closer - maybe someday - but the coverage difference after the work by Athena Karsant made a huge difference. You neeed to be looking for the scar to actually find it and sometimes when i look in the mirror i am unable to actually find it. I understand there are alot of guys who have a similiar concern. I do not frequent these sites but wanted to let others know there is hope and this type of thing does work - it is never going to be perfect - but this has suited my liking and i am very careful after having had such a bad experience with the original HT. In my lifetime I tried rogaine, propecia, dermatch, sprays, hair pieces, 3 hts by 2 doctors - i have seen it all - I can spot a good transplant and we can all spot a bad one, I am somewhat of a self taught expert due to my own insecurities, so i take this seriously and would not mislead you. I bet there are some hacks out there - but the woman who helped me did a good job and I am happy - hope this helps others to find some hope... As far as doing the whole head with this type of thing and simulating hair - i think that is a bit of a stretch - but for scarring in the donor site - i think this is a pretty good option and in my case if it had looked bad i would have just continued living with longer hair in the back - covering both scar and tattoo - it was worth a shot for me.




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