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TESTIMONIAL: Ashlee Wilson Hawn

I live in Atlanta, Georgia, and fly to Beverly Hills to see Athena. I did a lot of research online to find someone who could fix a scar on my leg from a childhood accident. I must have looked at a dozen websites for before and after photos, client testimonials, doctor endorsements, credentials and more to make my decision. I chose Athena Karsant because her website, portfolio and doctor endorsements exceeded my every expectation. When I initially spoke to her on the phone, she asked why I didn't choose to see someone closer to home and I told her, "There are no Athena's in Atlanta." I am thrilled with the work that she has done on my scar, and I couldn't be happier with my decision to fly across the country to see her. When it comes to beauty treatments and services, I only choose the best!

Ashlee is a former Miss Georgia Teen and is currently the star of the Style Network show Big Rich Atlanta. For more information about Ashlee go to




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