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I'm a medical professional who can now say without a doubt: Athena is the ONLY person I'll allow to work on my face. After getting permanent makeup that didn't last, I got permanent makeup from a tattoo artist who did such a bad job that I didn't know WHAT to do. I mean, it's my FACE, and I have to see patients every day! Then someone referred me to Athena, and I'm forever grateful. Not only is she removing the bad tattoo lines, but she's also redoing and perfecting it. She's the ONLY one I've heard of who can FIX botched permanent makeup. Of course, you're better off going to her in the first place, rather than needing a botched job fixed. She works in a series of sessions, which is the ONLY way to do it RIGHT. She asks what you want, then pencils it in, then deposits the tattoo dye. Then she works with you during each subsequent session to adjust and touch up the previous work, until you have a perfect, lasting result. It's crazy to think one session (from another person) will get you a great, lasting result. She's also a fabulous person. She really does care if you're happy with your results. She calls or texts you to follow up, and she tries SO hard to accommodate you when it comes to scheduling appointments (believe me -- my hours as a medical professional aren't easy to accommodate). Please learn from my experience, and go to her FIRST.




Thank you requesting a complimentary consultation for permanent makeup or paramedical tattooing! Someone will contact you shortly to schedule your consultation.

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