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Athena is without a doubt as good as it gets. We are all so much better off for having her. She's a perfectionist who truly cares and her ability is that of a high quality makeup artist; which means it looks natural and expertly finessed! She really understands the colors that are right for you, how it will react with your body chemistry and the shape of your face. She's an artist and a scientist... A brilliant technician! I'm very hands on and also a perfectionist so it was hard for me to give over the reins, but I find myself not even checking her work sometimes because I know it can't be improved... Athena's gotten Best of Beverly Hills and The Bay 2013. When someone's marking your face for life it has to be just right, and she's gotten it just right... Such a sweetheart and makes your comfort a top priority. She numbs/ices you up and really walks you through the entire process; after care and products as well. She manages such subtle tweaks to every inch of you where needed. It's really quite a masterpiece of color and shadow, and she guarantees her work so you can get the touchups perfection requires. The cost works out roughly to be what others charge over the course of time, and the quality is no where near what you're going to get with Athena. She's graced my mornings with priceless efficiency!!...and I feel cute too:) When I think of the confidence she must give to breast cancer survivors, burn victims or anyone working through scarring or pigment issues it's truly moving, because the quality of her work is unsurpassed. This is an investment you will never regret!! Thanks, Athena:)!!




Thank you requesting a complimentary consultation for permanent makeup or paramedical tattooing! Someone will contact you shortly to schedule your consultation.

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