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10 stars would not be enough for Athena. She combines precision and an unerring sense of what will look the best for you with experience, innovation(she has her numbing cream custom made!) with never ending patience for her often very fussy, very particular clients.

In my case a botched eyelid surgery, which required unique eyelid repairs resulted in really screwed up eyelid tattoos that made one eye look round and the other almond shaped. UGH! Working slowly, adding a little at a time, over six appointments, I now have beautiful and identical eyes thanks to the precision of her thin dark line.

I could write pages about how talented Athena is, but will try to be concise with the following summary:

1)She has superb technique, and is expert in knowing what colors will work best with a clients skin tone. This is difficult work combining manual dexterity with technical knowledge and an eye for beauty. She is a "pro"!!

2) Don't even think about the cost. This is clearly a situation where you get what you pay for. And you want it right the first time!

3) She has excellent relationships with physicians/plastic surgeons. I was very pleased with my consultation with Tim marten, the plastic surgeon to whom she referred me.

3)Lastly, while small in comparison to Athena's artistry and technical skill, appointments in her open seating office are fun!! Last week, I met a woman in Athena's office who has invited me to an event at the Metropolitan club for women interested in playing bridge. Who would've thought!

Thank you Athena!!!




Thank you requesting a complimentary consultation for permanent makeup or paramedical tattooing! Someone will contact you shortly to schedule your consultation.

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