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TESTIMONIAL: Melanie R (update)

I have been drawing my eyebrows on since I was 14 and I'm now 31!!!!! One day I decided to do the math and see how much time I would spend doing my eyebrows in my lifetime....well the answer was more than 7 months!!!! Sometimes it would take 10 minutes and other times it would take hours!!!! So I finally decided that it was time to get my eyebrows tattooed on. I am a perfectionist and I knew that the person that would tattoo my eyebrows on was going to have to be BEYOND EXCELLENT!!! I have visited SEVERAL website, looked at SEVERAL pictures and spoke and met with many tattoo artists. I decided that it was time to do another web search yesterday and I came across Athena's website and I was IMPRESSED and AMAZED!!!! With each before and after set of pictures I was more and more impressed!!! I IMMEDIATELY called her and scheduled an appointment. I was extremely excited to meet Athena and see her work in person. I could tell over the phone in just 10 minute that not only did she have a vast knowledge on permanent make-up; she really cared about her clients and Athena and wants them to be completely satisfied when they walk out her door. My first appointment with Athena was exceeded the already

Fa I called her back and asked her if I could get my eyebrows tattooed on that day. She said yes and I was thrilled!!! When I came into her salon she had a women in her chair as she was finishing her eyebrows, her work was impeccable!!! It was even better in person that it was in her picture!!!! I looked at the women's eyebrows and you COULD NOT tell that they were tattooed on!!! They looked so real even when I looked at the women's brows up close!! Not only were her eyebrows matched her skin tone and hair color perfectly!!!! I was SOLD!!!!! She used a technique that somehow makes the eyebrows tattoo look like individual hairs!!! Athena makes it look like an actual eyebrow (made of hair) as opposed to a penciled in eyebrow!!! I didn't even need to see pics I wanted my eyebrows tattooed on that day!!! I told Athena I want to get my eyebrows done then; we signed some paperwork and worked with me for at least an hour to find the perfect shape. Athena was incredibly patient; she drew two different eyebrows than we tweaked it for an hour until we found the perfect shape for my face. After we picked the shape she told me that it took 2-5 sessions to actual perfect the eyebrow but I would only be paying a onetime fee which I thought was great!!!! Especially since all the other salons that I spoke with told me that I would have to have several sessions but I would have to pay for each session as opposed to Athena who only charges you once which covers any kind of tweaks or touch ups for a year!!! She then told me that she would begin the process of tattooing the eyebrow....well she spent several hours on my eyebrows and they turned out BETTER than I accepted!!!!! She said that she would still need to touch up my eyebrows a few more times but let me tell you I got them done yesterday then I went out today and did not have to pencil in my brows at all!!! I got SEVERAL complements and it was only day 1!!!!!! I CANNOT stop going on and on about how thrilled I am with Athena personally, her professionalism, her extraordinary artistic talent (and believe me she is an ARTIST in the truest since of the word), her attention to detail and my overall experience!!! I WILL SAY IT AGAIN IF YOU WANT TO GET YOUR EYEBROWS TATTOO'ED ON, YOU WANT THEM TO LOOK REAL AND YOU WANT THE VERY BEST GO TO ATHENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!! SHE IS TRULY AN ARTIST!!!!!!!




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