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Little White Dress

Several years ago, my sister and I took my daughter to a Swap Meet in Southern California to get some exercise and sunshine. We found this clothing tent that had beautiful white linen pants, tops, dresses, and blouses.

I saw some fabulous clothes that I wanted to try on, but before I could grab a dressing room the owner yelled at me in a thick accent saying, "HEY YOU! You cannot try those clothes on! You have lots of make up on that could ruin it!" I simply laughed and told him that I did not have any makeup on.

I smiled and proceeded into the dressing room. He them came towards me and continued to raise his voice. He was so upset that he said he would call security. I told him nicely that I didn't have any make up on and that I could prove it. I then watched him nearly faint as I began wiping the white linen all over my face! I rubbed it on my lips & eyes.

I couldn't help laughing! He about had a heart attack. When I showed him that the white clothing was still white he was confused and began inspecting it to make sure I wasn’t hiding anything. My sister and I told him about my profession - cosmetic tattooing and permanent makeup. He smiled.

Needless to say he let us try on anything and everything at his tent. His wife is now one of my clients, and I still love my little white linen dress.




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