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BLOG: Think You're Too Old? Think Again!

Who do you think of when you think of tattoos? Many people think of "kids" (in their late teens to early twenties). Tattooing isn’t just for those in their 20s... in my office, age is just a number. It doesn’t define the procedure that they request or the reason that they are in my chair. Of course, I do have clients who are in their 20s. However, I also have clients, both men and women, who’s ages range from young 30s to late 80s and even 90s!

Many of my "mature" clients still wish to apply conventional makeup, but their hands are no longer steady enough to add eyeliner, lipstick or color, and shaping to their eyebrows. That shouldn’t limit them from wanting to look their best and feel great!

I have had cute, little, old ladies in my office that just cannot see well enough to apply their makeup anymore. I have had visually impaired clients who are not in their 90s, but who wish they didn't have to have some one else apply their makeup every day. I have had men and women in my chair who wish to fix a scar above their lip due to a cleft palate.

My mother-in-law is very conservative and does not like (body art) tattoos. However, I have even had her in my chair, and now she doesn’t have to spend that time in the mirror applying eyebrow pencil! Permanent makeup and paramedical tattooing does not have an age limit. Come one, come all! Come young, come old... mature! You are all welcome to Fool Mother Nature!




Thank you requesting a complimentary consultation for permanent makeup or paramedical tattooing! Someone will contact you shortly to schedule your consultation.

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