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BLOG: Cosmetic Tattooing - Lips

Did you know that as we age the color in our lips fade, and they even lose their shape! Just another thing to worry about as we get older... add it to the list along with gray hair and gravity! Many of my clients who've had their lips tattooed can look up to 10 years younger by perfectly defining their lips and adding a blush of color. No need to worry about pain; I only use the best topical anesthetics. Any cosmetic tattooing procedure is a multi-session process. I have found that it's better to start small and gradually build out your lips to be the perfect shape for your face, your look, and your lifestyle. I customize each color to compliment your undertones, hair and skin tone. What most clients experience and enjoy is the subtle plumping which is a side benefit of the procedure. It's as if you've turned back the hands of time to a perfectly shaped mouth a blush of color and plumping all in one.

It's amazing how our body can reheal itself. The tattooing process can stimulate blood flow back into the lips. Also, if you desire a more pouty lip, tattooing even a millimeter outside of your natural lip line/shape can make a BIG difference in your lips and look.




Thank you requesting a complimentary consultation for permanent makeup or paramedical tattooing! Someone will contact you shortly to schedule your consultation.

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