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BLOG: The Importance of Eyebrows

Eyebrows are more important than you think. Look in the mirror and make a few different expressions (happy, sad, angry, surprised, shy, etc). Your eyebrows are an important part of showing emotion! As we age, we tend to lose the tails of our eyebrows or we over-tweeze, and those precious hairs may not grow back!

Here are some famous faces with their eyebrows removed via photoshop. As you can see, eyebrows make a BIG difference!

With all of my clients, I create hair tiny strokes so that your brows have depth and definition. No one will look at you and think your eyebrows are tattooed! There is a running joke in my office that when we have to tweeze a few hairs near our brows, we can't exactly tell which are real hairs and which are beautifully tattooed hair strokes. It is extremely important that each and every client leaves our office with brows that are specifically designed for their face. No two sets of brows are the same and there are no stencils used ever... that is what sets us apart.

The picture below is a great example of the technique that I use on all of my clients. To watch a similar brow procedure that I performed on a client on THE DOCTORS TV show, visit my my PRESS page on my website.




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