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BLOG: Three Common Concerns About Permanent Makeup

Three common concerns about permanent makeup & cosmetic tattooing:

1) Is it painful?

While everyone has a different pain threshold, most clients feel nothing, some feel a slight tickle and few feel a minor, tolerable, discomfort. Every permanent makeup procedure begins with a topical anesthetic to the appropriate area. If pain is a concern, do not drink coffee, alcohol or caffeinated beverages before a procedure. Caffeine can make you jittery and uncomfortable during a procedure.

2) If it is permanent, then I can't change my look or style right?

Cosmetic tattooing is not to replace your conventional cosmetics on a daily basis but to enhance your natural features. You can always apply traditional, conventional makeup over your permanent makeup without hurting it! Permanent Makeup is intended to enhance your natural features and allow you to look naturally fabulous when waking up, while working out and every moment in between. While some do choose to use permanent makeup as a replacement to conventional cosmetics, it is typically due to allergies from conventional cosmetics, or an extremely busy lifestyle.

3) Do you use clean needles?

I use brand new, never-opened needles on every single client. Each time you come in for a procedure or follow up appointment, a brand new, never-before-used needle is used. At the end of your procedure, your needle is thrown away (in a special sharps container). No needle, barrel or tube is used twice.

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