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BLOG: Hair Follicle Simulation

Did you know that 35 ​​million men and 21 million ​​women are experiencing hair loss in the U.S.? How about the fact that people who are losing their hair lose an average of 100 hair follicles per day? People go to different lengths to try different techniques to hide their hair loss: Rogaine, Wigs, Toupees, and even Hair Transplant Surgery. One technique that most people don't know even exists is Hair Follicle Simulation using tattooing techniques.

A trained cosmetic & corrective tattooist has the ability to use special tattooing techniques to hide your hair loss. For those who are

​​experiencing thinning hair, tattooing your scalp can give the illusion of a full head of hair. For those who are experiencing a receding hair line, tattooing very small, finite dots can simulate individual hair follicles and make it look like you have a very natural buzz cut. Some people have gone through the very invasive Hair Transplant Surgery and have a strip scar across the back of their head. Medical needling techniques, followed by hair follicle simulation can allow the scar to shrink and make the back of your head look like a natural head of hair.

No matter what kind level of hair loss you are experiencing, a competent, highly trained cosmetic & corrective tattooist can be the answer to your problems. I have been able to help many people camouflage their hair loss and/or hide their hair transplant scars. To see some examples of hair follicle simulation, visit my website.

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