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BLOG: Nipple Tattoo (Areola Repigmentation)

I have had many clients who consider areola regimentation after surviving breast cancer.

Breast cancer is attacking the women in our country, and until we find a cure all we can do is pray, hope and love on those who are fighting this horrible disease. Twenty five years ago I began my business in Orange County and San Francisco. I of course did permanent makeup, corrective work and scar camouflaging; however, the other side of my work was helping breast cancer survivors gain confidence in themselves and their beautiful bodies through nipple tattooing.

Mastectomies are very intense and often require more than one surgery. Often women schedule and plan their breast reconstruction surgery at the same time. Sometimes it can take multiple breast surgeries just to perfect the enhancement. Sadly, many doctors are trying and failing to surgically rebuild nipples on their patients. That is where I come in.

Nipple Tattooing (also known as areola repigmentation) is what survivors are calling "Crossing the finish line" or the "last step in the healing process". Though more and more clients of mine (and women everywhere) are being taken over by breast cancer, the mortality rate has dropped - which is a blessing. While the world's best doctors and plastic surgeons are able to recreate the shape of a women's breast with implants, recreating the nipple is a science that few can truly understand. It is science and art combined to give an incredible illusion that even David Copperfield couldn't pull off or understand.

I have had hundreds of clients with breast cancer in my chair for areola repigmentation. It is safe to say that while everyone's story or journey is different, there is a true and genuine smile on everyone's face after their procedure is completed.

After a woman has had a mastectomy, they are left with nothing but two mounds on their chest. Doctors have been referring their patients to me for years to aid in the healing process. It all starts with a complimentary consultation, where paperwork is filled out, before photos are taken (for office use only) and areolas are hand-drawn on with lip pencils. Once a size and shape of an areola is perfected with lip pencil, pigments are carefully and strategically mixed per each individual client. Through shading I am able to create the appearance of a natural areola and a 3D nipple, which creates the never-ending smile on my clients' faces.

The second part to many of these procedures is camouflaging the scars that they are left with after surgery. Using science, art (which is a big part of my job) and typically pigment, I have camouflaged too many scars to ever be able to count. Sometimes pigments are not used and medical needling takes place in which the body heals itself. (To learn more about medical needing click here).

While I have never experienced what these beautiful, brave women have gone through, I have been the ear that they have needed throughout the process. I have been called an artist and a therapist all in one. Because every client is different, each client has a story that is different and each nipple is different. Behind each tattooed nipple is the heart of a woman who has been yearning to smile and be proud of the body they once had. They have longed for the beautiful breasts that they once had, and, after their procedure has been completed, they proudly stand up in front of the mirror in my office, smile and feel like a woman again.

I love my job.

It saddens me that breast cancer is taking more and more women. We must fight this. We must fight for all the women who can't fight anymore. Get educated about breast cancer. Get checked out, and don't wait until you are in your forties to do it.

To see BEFORE & AFTER photos - CLICK HERE!

Below I have posted a few videos of my clients who are breast cancer survivors. I am posting these videos to celebrate them - not for marketing. I believe in them. I love them. They are to be celebrated always.

Dr. Caroline K. - As a breast cancer survivor, I am amazed by how much better I feel about myself since getting my nipples tattooed (after double mastectomy and implant reconstruction). Athena has done a phenomenal job and has been very caring and supportive. When I look in the mirror I no longer see a sick person; I don't mourn my breasts. Now, I feel normal - it has truly helped heal my spirit.




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