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We all use Yelp as a tool when contemplating dinners, doctors & services. For this reason I am writing my 3rd ever review today & it's for Athena! She is not a personal friend, for the record, but I trust her like one. Was referred to her through a friend & from the onset was aware that I had chosen "the best." Let's face it (no pun intended), when having tattooing done to one's FACE, there is no room for error. From the moment you meet her at her office, you know you are in good hands. She is confident, knowledgable, relatable, timely & friendly. It is a sterile environment from a health perspective, but not from a personal one. It's obvious you are in the company of not only an experienced professional, but that of a born artist. Her experience comes from real life, not just the classroom. Well, it's obvious I can't say enough good things about Athena, and I have for the frist time in my life beautiful, shapely, natural looking eyebrows! And best of all, she placed them slightly higher than where my paltry set existed, so I look refressed & YOUNGER! I will recommend Athena highly.




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