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BLOG: Plusses for Permanent Makeup

Imagine a life where your makeup can be at the bottom of your list of worries throughout the day and night!

With Permanent Makeup & Cosmetic Tattooing you never have to worry about:

-smudging your eyebrows at an important event, party, interview or while at the beach

-messing up your makeup while at the gym or during an intense workout

-being in public after a movie like Titanic, The Notebook, Old Yeller, Les Miserables, etc.

-getting your kissable lipstick on anyone's cheeks (your kids will appreciate that one)

AND feel free to dance in the rain! Your blush might run YES - BUT your eyeliner, lip color & eyebrows will look just as fierce!




Thank you requesting a complimentary consultation for permanent makeup or paramedical tattooing! Someone will contact you shortly to schedule your consultation.

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