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I consulted Athena because I wanted to improve my eyebrow profile. Many people don't realize that eyebrow appearance can radically affect the expression in the eyes and face. As a writer and someone who travels and makes public appearances, facial expressiveness is important to me. Modern eyebrow tattoing is not the old "sharpee-looking" technique of years ago. Now, a fine, precise needle is used to add lifelike eyebrow strands.

As with me, Athena attends to her clients herself personally and doesn't hand them off to some nameless assistant. She took a conservative approach in that it's better to "underdo" than overdo. Even after only the first visit, the difference was visually stunning. After two subsequent follow-ups, I find the result spectacular and sometimes get a jolt when I look in the mirror and don't see the former me!




Thank you requesting a complimentary consultation for permanent makeup or paramedical tattooing! Someone will contact you shortly to schedule your consultation.

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