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PRESS: Beverly Hills Times | Beverly Hills According to Pinky

By ​Lisa Vanderpump

I was recently introduced to Jessica Fisher, and she educated me about the benefits in having permanent makeup. I had preconceived ideas about this and they weren’t too positive! However, she looked so incredible and the effect was so subtle that I decided to keep an open mind. So off I went albeit a little apprehensively to try this out. Now bearing in mind when you tattoo there is no room for error, so I am probably potentially the worst patient you could imagine.

I was astounded at the quality of work they achieve. They cover scars and balding spots. And they also have this strange procedure called needling, where they flatten and diminish scars, then match the color of your skin tone. The results were amazing.

Previously, I had been under the impression that makeup that was tattooed on was something similar to Coco the Clown - but no, this was something different.

Jessica is a perfect example of the absolute natural image that tattooing can create. Her mouth is so lightly defined you could not even tell - just a natural rose color. That youthful hue unfortunately diminishes as we get older, but can be replaced with a slight definition. I have to say it looks incredibly natural - that will be my first venture.

I am not brave enough to go the whole bug, but the eyebrow and lips were the most impressive. I’m always a huge advocate of keeping it real, but when I wake up with my face closely resembling a corpse, I think a light color on the lips, faint eyeliner and maybe some brows would be a fantastic idea. They are on Bedford Drive. Call to make an appointment at Athena: (415) 412-9700...

-Lisa Vanderpump




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