PRESS: Recapo | Sonya Dakar Volcano Mask Review & How To Get Perfect Brow Shape

by Pat Howard

The Doctors: Big Pores Laser Treatment

Do you have huge pores on your face? One woman said her pores are “so big they look like


craters.” For a solution to this issue, The Doctors recruited Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee, whose patient Amanda was ready to correct her oversized pores.

Dr. Lee used the dual pulsa Spectra Laser, which she explained is normally used for tattoo treatments. But she used a Carbon Lotion to target the pigment inside the pores.

The Doctors: Thinning Eyebrows

Learn how professionals create the ideal eyebrow shape, and your options for fighting thinning brows.

As Dr. Lee used the laser, you could see the lotion disappearing from Amanda’s face. She recommended a total of three to five treatments, with two to four weeks in between each one. The procedure is permanent, but over time your pores could enlarge due to age.

That seems like an easy treatment, though they sure didn’t mention the cost involved. Just in the moments after the lotion disappeared from her face, Amanda’s skin looked smooth and healthy.

The Drs TV: Large Pore Makeup Treatment

Makeup artist Liz Sender, of Warren Tricomi LA, explained that you can fight your Large Pores at home. She suggested starting with a Primer to create a smoother appearance.

Egg-Shaped Makeup Sponge

Next, she used an egg shaped sponge, because she said it applies Liquid Foundation more evenly. “It will help you reduce the larger pores,” she said.

The Doctors: Sonya Dakar Volcano Mask Review

You can also try a facial to help treat oversize pores. Mimi Dakar Berry of the Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic demonstrated a Volcano Mask that uses volcanic ask, silver ions, and probiotics to remove facial impurity and shrink pores.

Also, Mimi used a special Blue Light treatment to help her client shrink her pores. She recommended monthly treatments at your doctor’s office or aesthetician for ideal results. In between treatments, you can apply the mask at home.

Click here to try the Sonya Dakar Volcano Mask.

The Doctors: Thin Eyebrow Solutions

Dr. Travis Stork said that “basic aging or over-plucking” can lead to the common problem of Thinning Eyebrows. Rochelle said her mother always told her not to pluck her eyebrows. Now that she’s an adult, her brows have stopped growing back, and she has to draw them on.

Dr. Ken Williams is a hair restoration surgeon who diagnosed Rochelle with Hypotrichosis, meaning her hair isn’t growing back due to all that plucking.

The Doctors: Thin Eyebrow Hair Transplant