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PRESS: West Portal Monthly | Is a Cheaper Price Worth the Risk?

By Athena Karsant

When it comes to your appearance, is bargaining really an option? Of course, buying makeup at the drugstore rather than at a makeup counter or buying something cute on sale is not what I’m referring to. When it comes to your health and well being, bargaining is not an option I recommend. Many of my clients ask me for plastic surgeon referrals, filler and injection locations and more. My list includes world-renowned doctors - but in this economy some clients feel that price is more important than certifications, licenses and credibility. I always tell my clients that they shouldn’t compromise quality for a lower price when it comes to their face and body. It is very important they go to someone they’ve researched. They should like their preferred doctor’s work, read referrals and testimonials - and shouldn’t hesitate to ask about pre- and post-surgery, recovery, possible problems, benefits and alternatives.

Cosmetic and corrective tattooing, surgery, fillers and injectables are serious. We all desire to look our best; some of us prefer to accompany the process of aging with a little help from a great surgeon. Looking for the cheapest price isn’t always the smartest option because you’ll typically send more trying to correct the unsatisfactory results of discounted fees. Researching the best option might take extra time, but in the end it can only help. When it comes to your face, body or health there is no room for compromise.

Athena Karsant is a Cosmetic and Corrective Tattooist recently featured on the Doctors TV show. Visit or call (415) 412-9700.




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