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PRESS: Beverly Hills Country Club Guide | Permanent Makeup Editorial

Imagine waking up each morning with perfectly shaped brows, dramatic eyes, and luscious lips! You can accomplish this through cosmetic tattooing, which can replace the application of daily makeup. Instead of needing permanent cosmetics, maybe you have scars or imperfections that bring embarrassment or bring up bad memories. You can accomplish this with corrective tattooing, which minimizes scarring and camouflages imperfections.

Athena Karsant has yet to find someone who does not benefit from cosmetic or corrective tattooing. She has developed a special technique, which gives a natural and practically maintenance free look. She has the ability to create the perfect eyebrows for those who may have thinning eyebrows, give you permanent eyeliner for those who are tired of drawing it on each morning, or give your lips the perfect color. With the application of pigments into the skin, she customizes each design to define your features and accentuate your innate beauty. No two clients are the same, therefore, neither are two procedures.

Athena’s Artistry and technique has reduced the appearance of scarring for breast cancer survivors, hair transplant scars, face-lift scarring, cleft palate, and other scars or imperfections for her clients. She does this through the combination of medical needling and inserting pigment into the skin to create the perfect camouflage. She has worked with women who have had breast augmentation procedures or mastectomies to camouflage their scars, or work with them to adjust and perfect the shape of their areolas.

Athena Karsant, an internationally renowned Cosmetic & Corrective Tattoo Specialist, is one of the few Board Certified instructors by the State of California. With her Athena Technique, she has created an unsurpassed portfolio of permanent cosmetics. She has worked with may celebrities and high profile clients and is highly respected by many of the top surgeons in Beverly Hills. She has clients who come from all over the world to her two convenient locations in Beverly Hills and San Francisco.




Thank you requesting a complimentary consultation for permanent makeup or paramedical tattooing! Someone will contact you shortly to schedule your consultation.

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