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PRESS: The Mabelline Story | The Beauty of Coupling Permanent Makeup and Traditional Makeup: It All

by: Athena Karsant

I remember, as a little girl, watching my mother get dolled up at her vanity each day. I would watch her as the beautiful bright lights surrounded her mirror and dream of the day I would be allowed to do my own makeup. I remember her giving me my very first Maybelline mascara; I must have been 13 years old. With excitement, I brought it with me everywhere I went. After that, I knew I had a love for all things beauty: makeup, hair, fashion, etc. Many years later I found what I was truly born to do: cosmetic tattooing and permanent makeup. If I had known then that I would be in the field that I am in now, I would have started my career a long time ago. I did not know that little mascara would open the door to something bigger and greater than myself. I naturally enhance my clients beauty rather than replace it. Coupling permanent makeup and traditional makeup makes daily life so much easier for all women, including those on the go, mature women, corporate women and everyone else in between. It's not only about the girly stuff; I have many male clients as well. Cosmetic tattooing can really make a man look 10 years younger.

It's amazing how shaping someone's lips and using a pigment that exactly matches their natural lip color can be an easy guide for women to apply their lipstick or lip liner. I can't express how many women can't wait to purchase a wardrobe of lipstick colors to apply to their newly shaped mouth after their permanent makeup procedure. I love how tattooing someones eyelash line with a fine line can open their eyes and give the illusion that theirs eyes are bigger, brighter and younger looking. Adding a touch of mascara afterwards is like the icing on the cake. Sadly, many women experience the occasional "oops! I smeared my eyebrow off!" But that never happens when they are artistically done with permanent makeup. I have had makeup artists tell me that they love when their clients have permanent makeup because their clients already have an eyebrow guideline to work with. Instead, they can spend their time on the fun things like contouring, eyeshadow, fake lashes, blush and a luscious lip color.

Cosmetic tattooing and permanent makeup have been around since the days of Cleopatra. It is an art that is has been around for thousands of years. Makeup itself has been used since practically the beginning of time. Coupling traditional makeup with any permanent makeup procedure is not necessary for every errand or outing that we do; however, not worrying if your lip shape is perfect or your eyebrows are even is a huge relief. I love makeup! While I do have my eyebrows, eyeliner and lips tattooed, I wear makeup every day to make dramatize my eyes or make my lips shiny. But, if my lipstick wears off... it's okay! It's crazy to think that the amazing career that I have started with something so small in size yet it was so powerful. It started with a Maybelline mascara.

Athena Karsant, an internationally renowned master cosmetic, corrective and paramedical tattoo specialist, is one of the few Board Certified instructors through the State of California. In 2012, Athena was featured on The Emmy-Award Winning Television Show The Doctors. Her segment highlighted her solution to thinning eyebrows. She is conveniently located in San Francisco and Beverly Hills, California.



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I am so impressed with Athena Karsant's work, that I plan to have permanent makeup done on my eyebrows and lips.

Athena Karsant, like my great uncle, Tom Lyle Williams..... is a Master of Before and After Perfection..... and that's what Maybelline is all about.

Sharrie Williams is author of The Maybelline Story and a direct descendant of the Maybelline Family




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